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Double Dazzle Preview: New Dazzleglass Photos

Alrighty so I went a little bit mental last week and bought out practically all the new dazzleglass on eBay! I won't be living near a MAC counter or store when this collection comes out (April 30), and I hate waiting for the post, so I guess that kind of justifies me paying through the nose for these...not to mention I wanted them now! :)'s the list of all the dazzleglass that are being released for this collection (thank you to for this info):

Sugarrimmed- Milky pale pink with red, teal and white pearl
Goldyrocks*- Sheer soft yellow with pink and gold pearl
Moth to Flame*- Sheer neutral beige with violet pearl
Smile*- Light coral with pink and gold pearl
Steppin’ Out- Clean yellow pink with red pearl
Utterly Posh*- Mid-tone orange with pink and gold pearl
Love Alert- Raspberry red with red pearl
Date Night- Deep plum with blue and gold pearl
Funtablulous- Purple with violet pearl
Extra Amps*- Sheer bright blue pink with blue and pink pearl
Like Venus- Clean light bubble gum pink with red pearl
Stop! Look!*- Sheer violet mauve with blue and pink pearl
Money Honey- Mid-tone rosy mauve with red pearl
Rags to Riches- Plummy pink with teal and red pearl
Baby Sparks- Pale pink with violet pearl
Bare Necessity- Caramel apricot with red and gold pearl
Girl’s Delight*- Sheer mid-tone tan with gold pearl
Get Rich Quick- Warm yellow brown

* denotes first-time release

So, of the first-time releases, I got:

Goldyrocks: This a nice, soft yellow that doesn't appear yellow when actually applied on the lips. It's more gold of course. Very pretty! I will need to try it a little more, but so far so good!

Moth to Flame: Surprisingly beautiful. I mean what can I say, it looks pretty in the tube, but the very light silver glitter is quite fantastic when applied! High shine! 

Smile: So this is the one I wanted the most, and when it arrived, I noticed it didn't look quite was too dark, and I just couldn't imagine that it was the color that everyone raved about. It didn't have a sticker on the bottom so there was no way to tell, but after comparing it to swatches from other people, I realized what I had was Utterly Posh (see below). Well, UP turns out to be a pretty color, but I still wanted Smile, so I bought it also (lol). It really is gorgeous! When I pulled it out of the package today, I was like "yes!" because it was exactly the right color, everything I imagined. A beautiful, soft coral. I've heard it described as Baby Sparks with more peach, and indeed it is (see below for comparison of Baby Sparks and Smile). And the name is totally cute too! What more can I ask for? Oh and can I say this will probably look hot over Lollipop Lovin?

Utterly Posh: Ok so this is the one I initially got when I ordered Smile. It is like a darker version of Smile, or a lighter perhaps slightly less brown version of Miss Dynamite. Very pretty, I can't complain about it.

Extra Amps: So I can't say much about this one, because it is a very typical hot pink color. I don't find it too unique; it is just barely different from Miss Fizz. But it's pretty nonetheless. 

And here are 10 dazzleglass (new and old) that are coming out on April 30:

l to r: Sugarrimmed, Goldyrocks, Moth to Flame, Smile, Utterly Posh, Funtabulous, Extra Amps, Rags to Riches, Baby Sparks, Bare Necessity

I am really excited that a bunch of great colors are being released, including some of the best-sellers of the original release (bare necessity and baby sparks anyone)? I'm definitely looking forward to seeing some Steppin Out- I've heard good things about this color. Anyone really like this color?

Well, I do have to say that my very favorite dazzleglass of all time is Funtabulous. When I first saw the display of d/g last year, I could only pick 2, and I picked Funtabulous and Bare Necessity based on how they looked on me. Funtabulous has great color pay off for a dazzleglass, and I love how it appears over a thin layer of Myth or Fleshpot l/s. Definitely a winner! Plus, purple lips are in this season, so why not?

My beloved Funtabulous (I will deffo be getting a new one of these!):


Now, may I just say that there are a couple negative things about these...first, the amount of product in the tube is quite pathetic. It's like less than a mini lipglass from the holiday collections! Blah! That is one reason I didn't want to swatch on my skin, because I don't want to run out of any of this expensive gloss soon - sorry!! :)

Also, I have noticed that 3 of the 5 I've ordered smell like meat. Yep, that nasty meat smell is still plaguing the dazzleglass! I hope they fix it before the official release, but just so you know, it may happen to you! Luckily, if I let it air out for a second, it can be used ok w/o smelling too bad. But still the idea is not enticing by any means.

However, I noticed that Smile was not as sticky as my other dazzleglass. Am I crazy? Imagining things? Probably. But I smacked my lips together multiple times and was quite impressed.

Ok, so here are some comparison shots: 

Top to Bottom: Moth to Flame, Smile, Baby Sparks (all in the same ballpark, just different sparkles)

Top to Bottom: Funtabulous, Extra Amps, Miss Fizz (the difference btwn EA and MF are not so much that you have to have both, imo)

Top, Utterly Posh; Bottom, Smile. (You can see how, without a label on the bottom, UP could easily be mistaken for Smile)

Top, Baby Sparks; Bottom, Smile. The main diff here is basically if you prefer peach or pink. That's all. 

AND, since there are some Dazzleglass that will be sorely missed, here's a pic of some d/c dazzleglass  for the road:

Pleasure Principle, Comet Blue, Miss Fizz

Well, I hope you enjoyed this preview of new colors. I can take more pics as I know these are kinda small. But they were taken w/ flash in daylight, and I'm quite happy with the accuracy of the colors. Well, enjoy yourself some Dazzleglass in just about 1 1/2 months! :)

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