Saturday, April 3, 2010

New Shades for Bare Minerals!

I know my posts have been a bit uneventful lately, and I promise I will be updating with more product reviews soon! But I did just discover something really exciting for you Bare Minerals fans-- the company has added 5 new shades to their lineup! The new shades are:

-Golden Fair (for the fairest porcelain skin with yellow-olive undertones)

-Fairly Medium (for light-to-medium skin with pink undertones)

-Golden Tan (for medium-to-tan skin with subtle yellow-olive undertones)

-Warm Dark (for dark skin with deep yellow-olive undertones)

-Warm Deep (for deepest skin with intense yellow-olive undertones)

This is such great news for me, because as much as I love Bare Minerals, I've never been able to find the perfect shade. I have jars of Light, Fairly Light, Medium, and Medium Beige, but either they were too light and washed me out, or they were too dark, making me crap! :P But I am truly stoked to try out Fairly Medium, as it sounds like the perfect shade for me- light to medium skin with pink undertones? Present! 

It's so funny too that last night a BE informercial popped on TV, and they were advertising their 100% perfect match guarantee. I kinda scoffed at it because over the past 3 years of using BE on-and-off, the color matching has always been my biggest beef with their product. I have always been frustrated that they don't have more shades, so this is just exciting for me! 

What about you, are you BE fan? 

PS: If you find that the traditional BE finish is too shiny, but the matte is too dry/chalky, I recommend mixing the two finishes. It's pricey because you have to buy both jars, but it will last you double time, and the finish is perfectly gorgeous. BE, take note for your next foundation finish! :) 

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