Sunday, January 3, 2010

Buyer Beware: Fake Mac!


Ok so there are plenty of informative posts out there to help you decipher if your MAC is real or not (a good start is the lovely ladies at Specktra: Counterfeit MAC), so if you would like to know how to spot fake MAC, start there, or even head over to this Ebay page for more info.

This entry isn't so much how to spot fakes but the sad truth that even I have been a victim of the MAC fakery, and even though I'm pretty much over it and accepted this fact, I had a semi-LOL moment yesterday with the fakes.

Here's the story:

Last year, I bought about 6 eyeshadows from ebay, from two different sellers, and they all turned out to be fake. I didn't find this out for certain until maybe 2-3 months ago, although I definitely had my suspicions, because the packaging looked a little off (don't worry, I didn't use them, because they seemed weird).

Well, there is one way for certain to tell if they're fake, and that's by depotting them and checking to see if the pan has rings on the bottom. So, I decided to do that. And actually, even though the rings are the sure-fire way, depotting it is not an easy process when it's a fake! Whatever kind of glue/plastic they use, it takes FOREVER to melt, and might even start on fire (like mine did!)! It even caused the eye shadow to shatter, which has never happened to me before. It was just such an arduous, ridiculous and totally unnecessary process, if I had just not been cheap and bought straight from MAC.

Moral of the story: Stay away from eBay, ecrater, etc and buy straight from MAC!!! :)