Thursday, January 7, 2010

Review: MAC in Lillyland & All Ages, All Races, All Sexes


Just got back from MAC and I might have gone a little haul-happy, but I don't think you'll blame me when you see how awesome these two collections are!

I was actually really surprised because I didn't anticipate wanting very much from them, but I loved the collections so much that I might be going back for more this evening.

Mac in Lillyland:
Ok so I only picked up 3 items (so far!) from this collection. I got 2 Lipgelees (Resort Life and Lush & Bright), and one Creme Blush (So Sweet, So Easy), and all I have to say is wow on these new formulas!

The Lip Gelees are like dazzleglass cremes, only in a squeeze tube, and instead of .06 oz for $18, it's .5 oz for $14!! If there is any difference between the two products it would be that these are less sticky but far more pigmented than I've ever experienced from any of the dazzleglass formulas. They are super sparkly, but smooth when applied.

Resort Life is a nudish pearly color, and is great if you're like me and you like neutrals for a day-to-day look.
Resort Life LipGelee

Lush & Bright was not on my radar at first, but it is such a beautiful coral in real life. It is lighter than in any photos.
Lush & Bright LipGelee

Top: Lush & Bright; Bottom: Resort Life

Anyways, these are a total hit, so I expect to see them in subsequent collections.

As for the creme blushes...

So Sweet, So Easy

Once again, these are super beautiful, and the colors are so bright that I would expect these from the Pro line or something. Truly phenomenal colors. I only got So Sweet, So Easy, as it is the calmest of the bunch, and one that I can picture myself wearing on a day-to-day basis. The others though, if you love bright colors, you will not want to miss them! Optimistic Orange is just that- an intense pop of color; Joie-de-Vivre is a corally pink color, but very intense; and Florida is a purple-fuschia that definitely makes me feel like going to Florida when I look at it. :) I'm sorely tempted to go back tonight for more of these, because I have a feeling they will be sold out prettty quickly.
So Sweet, So Easy

Top (l to r): Joie De Vivre & So Sweet, So Easy
Bottom (l to r): Florida, Optimistic Orange

Things I didn't get & why:
-The eyeshadow trio is pretty, but the pay off is faint and that color palette generally doesn't suit me anyways. However, the $19.50 price tag is reasonable for 3 eyeshadows, and the container is blush-size, so it's a generous amount.

-The pearlmatte face powder is also pretty but is very orange. At $27, it wasn't worth it. It is definitely marketed to the average consumer, so if you are really into makeup art, it's not that great.

-Nail lacquers- the colors looked like anything you could find at the drug store.

Overall though, this is a cute collection that set my wallet back much more than I'd like to have. :)

All Ages, All Races, All Sexes:

Perfect universal collection, a total throw-back to N Collection in 2008. I picked up: Banshee, All Races and Showstopper eyeshadows; Equality lipstick; Real Life pigment; and Personal Style Blush.

Clockwise from top: Banshee, Showstopper, All Races

The eyeshadows obviously were my favorite part. They are universally flattering neutral colors, and yet they all seemed unique.
l to r: All Races, Banshee, Showstopper

Banshee, though a lustre, comes off almost more matte with a slight shimmer. It is a soft gray pink that would look perfect even as an all-over lid wash.

All Races is so perfect in real life. Photos often make is look like Vanilla or something, but actually it has a gray-taupe color instead. It will be a perfect lid color!

Showstopper is kinda rough in texture, but the color is a crease-lovers dream. It is like a mix of Embark and Carbon, so for an everyday crease, it's way less intense than Carbon. I have been looking for other dark browns, and this is perfect for me.

Equality l/s

The lipsticks were also pretty, and I think every skintone is going to find a color suited for them. I totally intended to skip these altogether, but I didn't expect Equality l/s to be so...perfect! It definitely must be the lightest MAC lipstick I've ever seen. Honestly, it is like 2-3 shades lighter than Fleshpot, and Close to Real! I love it. I might be getting a backup of this one, because I've been waiting and waiting for MAC to put this color out. Also, it has a grayish hue to it, which is unique. Kinda like Runway Fave from the fall trend collection but 5x lighter. :)

l to ro: Equality, Close to Real (High Def coll.), Fleshpot

Rich Life pigment is cute, like Embark with sparkles. I skipped Universal Life, despite it's smooth texture because it is too similar to Provence or  Vanilla. I couldn't believe how small the vials are, though! Like I knew they'd be different but when I saw it in real-life, I was like "whoa", it's teeny tiny! :(

Rich Life pigment


Finally, Personal Style blush just jumped out at me- wasn't even going to look at the blushes, but it is a beautiful soft color that will blend in perfectly to add just a hint of life to my dead, pale skin :) Reminds me of Enough Said from Red She Said, but is cooler in tone.


Things I didn't get & why:
-Cross-culture eyeshadow was like Cork or something else in the perm line, blah.

-The other blush (sorry, name escapes me) was beautiful, but very much like X-rocks (maybe more brown) from Neo Sci-Fi.

-Other lipsticks were too dark and/or too similar to what I already have, but great for others!

-Brow tools were awesome, I really loved Taupe brow pencil, as it is my perfect match, but I am going to use up the products I already have. And they're perm! :)

-Brow pen was initially on my to-buy list, but I just wasn't impressed when I saw it. I tried one of these from Anastasia and it stopped working after two uses- it got clogged or something! And this looked EXACTLY the same, so never mind.

Anyways, hopefully you looked past some of my horrid swatches and were able to get an idea of how these collections are. As for me, I might be running back to the mall right! :)

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