Monday, January 4, 2010

Holiday Haul: MAC Pro


Just thought I'd share this mini-haul I did at MAC Pro in NYC over the weekend! I only get to visit a MAC Pro store 1-2x a year, and I only planned on getting 1 or 2 things but ended up with a little more. I got:

-Grape Pigment.


I have been meaning to pick this up for a while, so now that they're changing pigment packaging, I'm glad I got it in the old packaging. It's got great color pay-off, I anticipate some very vibrant looks with this pigment!

-Deep Damson Eyeshadow.

I was lucky enough to get this in the pot, because apparently they're just releasing pro colors in pans now. It is a deep berry color, very dark, great color payoff. Again, I can see the richness of this eyeshadow complementing a lot of different looks.

-Red Brick Eyeshadow.

They didn't have this in the pot so I got it in the pan, and I sure hope it doesn't shatter before I get home from vacation! It is a totally weird color, not quite true red, but I think there's potential here. In fact, I think the challenge of figuring out how to use it will be fun!

-Fleshpot Lipstick.

This is my third tube of this lipstick, it is my everyday fave lipstick. I simply pat it on to my very pigmented lips, and it allows me to wear bright colors on my eyes and cheeks without feeling like a clown. One thing I do NOT do, is I don't apply it like a regular lipstick, because then it looks like foundation lips and is actually really gross. But otherwise this lipstick is a must for the fairer ladies.

-Mixing Medium, Gel.

I wanted something to use with my glitter, because I've got all these glitters laying around but no way to apply it! This is the answer, because it will make it sort of like a paste to keep my glitter from going anywhere. If you are looking for mixing medium, there are different consistencies for different uses, so make sure you speak with a MAC Pro MA before buying :)

...Well, that's about it! What are your favorite pro items?


Marie. said...

Lucky! I was browsing the pro store in Las Vegas but I wasnt able to get anything, plus I left my wish list at home! My favorite MAC product is their pigments.

Fintia said...

great goodies

Anonymous said...

hauls make me smile :) Would love to see how that mixing medium works out for you!

FabDiva20 said...

Awesome goodies!! I've been wanting MAC Mixing Medium/Gel Base for a long time! I still want to visit a Pro store one day since I didn't get to go while I was in Las Vegas. Enjoy your goodies!