Saturday, March 13, 2010

Haul: Nail Polish!!

I've been a nail polish hoarder lately! Never mind that I barely have time to change my polish, but I just can't get over all these awesome colors. :) I picked up these three yesterday:

l to r: China Glaze "Refresh-Mint", MAC "Blue India" and China Glaze "Solar Power"

I believe "Refresh-Mint" and "Blue India" are both LE, but "Solar Power" is permanent. It's funny because although I didn't intend it, these all kind of match, in a weird way. :) Now, I've got to decide which one to use first, but when I do, I'll be sure to post a NOTD for you all! :)

PS: I've found that MAC polishes last the best when the nails are completely dry (no lotion, and just after using polish remover), and no base or top coat is used. They tend to last a good while. Other than that, do you have any nail polish tips? What are your favorite colors out of these three?


Marie. said...

Re-Fresh Mint looks super pretty!

So Very Fabulous said...

I have Solar Power but haven't used it in ages! I guess that comes with buying new polishes all the time. I need to bust it out again soon. I do love Re-Fresh Mint, it's one of my current faves. I didn't pick up Blue India even though it is such a gorgeous colour. I keep giving MAC polishes a chance and am always disappointed with how fast it chips (usually the same day I put it on). I do make sure my nails are clean, but I've always used a base and top coat. Hmm, something to try with not using them. Thanks for the tip! :)