Thursday, March 4, 2010

Review: MAC Too Fabulous Liners


They're here, they're here! I have been waiting for a good while for these liners, and I'm so excited to have gotten my hands on them today. I picked up:

-In Synch Lip Liner
-Naked Lip Liner

And if you've read my blog enough you know that my swatches generally suck, but to show that I tried, here you go:


Top: Naked; Bottom: In Synch

I've been looking for liners like these for quite some time. I've always imagined a pale nude pencil, and have searched high and low for one, without success. In fact, a couple years back I picked up Mother Pearl cremestick liner, hoping it would help me out with that nude look but it was horrid, hence the reason it is now discontinued. But I've been trying to sell it for forever, without any luck. But that's okay, because these liners are worth the wait.

I also love how these apply. They are unlike older MAC lip liners that are a little stiff and take some work to apply. These are creamy, soft and apply like lipstick. I am wondering if they are a formula designed to replace lipstick, since a bunch of cremesheens were also released with this collection, and look like they're intended for use right over the pencil. Regardless, they have amazing pigmentation, and apply like a dream.

In Synch


In Synch is a pale pink. It is like Underage l/g in liner form, except with a little more pink to it. I have always dreamed of a satin lipstick in this color, and still hope that one day the MAC gods will deliver. VG Gaga was close but no cigar, unfortunately. But this liner is as close as I'm going to get to that so far, so I'm satisfied. 

Naked Liner


Naked Liner is a pale nude. It is just like Lip Erase. It actually surprised me how much this really DID erase my lips. I was expecting it to kind of soften my natural, very-pigmented lips, but this took away all color and replaced it with its flesh tone. I have long used Fleshpot lipstick as somewhat of a lip erase; I will dab it on my lips under most colors so that they'll show a little truer to color. I think this pencil is going to take most of Fleshpot's brunt work. This should be applied with a light hand, because it takes just a little to get the desired effect. Too much, and it looks like foundation lips!

Here is a swatch of all the liners:

l to r: Naked, In Synch, Mouth Off, Trimmed in Pink, Chestnut, Boldly Bare

As for the rest of the Too Fabulous collection, none of it really stood out to me. The other liners were nice (see above), and I wouldn't mind grabbing a few more as they are good staple liners, but I had to keep the purchase small, to get ready for Liberty of London next week! Then, the mineralize blushes are kind of played out in my mind. There were a couple that looked pretty but not overly unique. Rhapsody in Two, though pretty in the pot, is very frosty. And finally, the cremesheens. Well, let's just say I'm over cremesheens and dazzleglass, and dazzleglass cremes or anything else that comes overpriced in a ridiculously small tube. I am all about lip gelees though, and will be happy to pick up more of those when MAC decides to release them again. :)

So, what about you, was anything "Too Fabulous" to resist in this collection? Or will you be skipping it all? 


So Very Fabulous said...

So excited for these! I am going to go pick some up today I think. I'll be getting the 2 you got, and maybe one or 2 more. And then Liberty of London next week, yay! :)

Fintia said...

I'm eyeing Mouth off.. it's such in interesting color and on I do not have :-)

Laura - Emerald Green 88 said...

I'm loving light pink lips at the moment. Gaga hasn't come out in the UK yet, do you think In Synch would work with Gaga?

Abby Q. said...

Laura, yes I think In Synch l/l and Gaga work perfectly together! In fact, I layered the two the other day and it was the perfect shade of light pink. :)