Sunday, March 21, 2010

Review: Revlon Colorstay Foundation


Lately, I've seen/read a lot of great reviews about Revlon's Colorstay foundation. Since my Bare Escentuals mineral foundation was low and I'm always looking for a better foundation, I figured it would be a good time to test out this Revlon foundation. Plus, $9.99 is a steal compared to BE's $25 price tag. And, although I'm not usually big on liquid foundations, so far, I have been pretty impressed with this one.

First off, let me tell you what I would want from the "perfect" foundation. I have been searching for a LONG time for the ideal foundation. I have tried many companies: MAC, MUFE, BE, Everyday Minerals, Maybelline, etc. with no "perfect" foundation yet. So I came up with a list of criteria:
-Easy application (no streaks, cakeyness, dryness)
-Great coverage (an airbrushed look that covers redness and other imperfections)
-Long-lasting formula (so after an hour, I don't have to worry about oily skin!)
-Appropriate Color match (which I have had a hard time getting in BE- it's either too light or too dark)
-Neither too Matte nor too Dewy
-Clean ingredients (natural is a plus, no breakouts are even better!)

So, does Revlon Colorstay translate into my "perfect" foundation? 
Well, here is what I look like wearing it:

What do you think?

As for me, I think it's not 100% perfect, but it's probably the closest I've gotten so far! 

First off, I love the application. I have just been using a triangle sponge to apply. I know, sponges are kind of primitive in the world of makeup. But these are great at spreading the product all over quickly (which this foundation is known to dry up fast), and sponges, especially if you are like me, can be used multiple times thanks to the various edges of the sponge. So you don't have to clean the sponge everyday as you would a brush, and you can get a big bag of them at Sally Beauty Supply and just toss them when you're finished. I haven't had to work hard at concealing all the lines/streaks with sponge. It blends quickly and easy.

As for coverage, this does a great job. I haven't even been using concealer for under-eye areas, because this is thick enough. But of course, one of the determining factors is the lasting quality. Does it last? Well, I have been using MAC's Mineralize Skin Finish Natural in Light over top. MSFNs are not meant to really be oil fighting. Yet, the combination of this foundation, Tarte clean slate primer and MSFN on top is pretty impressive. I do have to re-apply the MSFN a couple times during the day to prevent oil on the t-zone area. But it's pretty decent. 

As for color match, I just grabbed a shade I thought would work, I chose 220 Beige. It is truly a bit darker than my skin color, but it blends easily in to my neck. And blushes look great on top- I can wear any number of blushes, easily. These foundation colors are said to be on the pinker side, so if you're truly warm, the matching process may be problematic. So, then I picked a lighter shade, just to have another one on hand. I picked 150 Buff. When I got home, I realized how different this color was. It's almost olive-toned! Very fair but olive/warm toned. It's a weird color, yet I can pull it off, especially with a bit of MSFN light on top. But there are colors in between the two that I purchased, so I imagine I could find an even more accurate color, which relieves me. 

Now, one of the bigger problems I foresee, is that I have broken out a bit on my forehead. My skin has been fairly clear for the past couple years that I've been regularly using mineral foundation. So to see a bit of a bumpy forehead is a new thing, but it's not extremely noticeable, especially with powder on top. I do love natural products, but if I haven't discovered the right natural product for me yet, then I am okay with second best. :) 

One other thing that I would change from this foundation, is the packaging. It's totally a non-cosmetic issue. But the glass bottle can be a bit out-dated. I feel that it's hard to get the foundation out of the jar if you constantly have to turn it upside down and shake. Plus it's a bit wasteful, an issue that a pump or a squeeze bottle would resolve- glass containers are, I think, a thing of the past. So the packaging can be updated, for sure! 

Other than that, this foundation is pretty impressive! It lasts for a good while, stays fresh even with an occasional re-powdering, and is so easy to apply! That's one thing I've loved about mineral foundation- that the process is so quick- and this is pretty much the same way. So far, this is the best liquid foundation I've found on the market. And I love that it's so affordable!

Speaking of which, Walgreen's has a great deal this week on Revlon- 40% off!! So this foundation will be like $6-7! Check it out :)


FabDiva20 said...

I love Revlon's ColorStay Foundation! I'm on my second bottle and it's amazing! Lately I have been using Revlon PhotoReady foundation and I like the coverage!

Fintia said...

I love how it looks freshly applied but after a few hours it would set into my pores and lines :-( I recently got MUFE Matt velvet andso far I am loving it

Abby Q. said...

Thanks ladies I will add both of those foundations to my list to try! I have heard good things about both :)

Anonymous said...

great review! That's funny that you can use two colors that seem to be so different. I've been meaning to try this foundation.

Tammy said...

Have you tried Jane Iredale's Liduid Minerals Foundation? It is my most favorite mineral foundation, with a beautiful flawless look. It takes some getting used to applying it becuase the texture is different but I love it. It is only light coverage though. I myself love the mineral makeup but I have been looking for a foundation that is cheaper. JI is $46 a tube. I am going to try this Revlon Colorstay next. Thanks for the review.