Sunday, February 28, 2010

Review: MAC 'Studded' Nail Lacquer

I was planning on entirely skipping the 'Riveting' nail lacquers, but I've been wearing 'Light Affair' from Love Lace for a couple months and well, I was sick of it. So I decided to grab one of these to try. For me, 'Studded' was the most unique of the three; I already own OPI's 'You don't know Jacques', and I have a black matte polish from Zoya. However, I wouldn't say that 'Studded' is super unique as it is just a gunmetal gray.

Anyways, I applied it last night (no base or top coat), and for the first 15+ hours or so, it lasted just like any other polish. Here it is when I woke up:


Looks perfect! I was really excited that it lasted through the night, as I didn't have very high hopes for the matte formula. 

So then, I got ready for the day, went to brunch and took a bike ride. Here is what they looked like when I returned:

left hand, right hand
(please excuse my red hands, I just got done biking in the cold!)

Yep, it chipped like a mofo! Now, relatively speaking, this isn't HORRIBLE. I had way worse chippage from OPI's matte polishes- to the point where it was peeling off in huge hunks. But, for someone like me who prefers a low-maintenance polish (who has time to change her polish every other day?), this isn't the best polish. It's a novelty color, fun to play with, but I wouldn't have very high expectations. Actually, this is a great toe nail polish- it still looks flawless on my toes!

Oh and one more comment: I find the shimmer in this gunmetal gray to be a little pointless. It's supposed to be a matte, but because of the shimmer, it might as well be a normal polish (which would in turn probably last longer).

Anyways, what do you think of the new matte polish trend?

And on another MAC note, are you looking forward to the Liberty of London collection? What products are you drooling over?


So Very Fabulous said...

I haven't purchased many matte nail polishes for that exact reason, I don't want to have to do my nails everyday. I find that regular MAC polishes chip really fast too, usually on the 2nd day for me. I tend to avoid buying their polishes in general. At least matte polishes dry really quickly though!

Abby Q. said...

That's very true, I have noticed that they dry *like that*! It's weird because I've not usually been too impressed with MAC polishes until I got Light Affair. It lasts FOREVER. But most of the MAC polishes don't :(

FabDiva20 said...

Thanks for the comment about my CCO haul! I've purchased Goldyrocks d/g last year and loved it to bits! I'm so glad that I bought another tube of it and will have to buy like two or three more tubes! I'm waiting on Style Black to hit the CCO soon as well so I can get my hands on the MES and GPS that I missed out on. Also, I was thinking about getting Studded n/p from this collection but China Glaze has always come to mind since they are awesome.

有甚麼新歌 said...


Laura - Emerald Green 88 said...

Is there such a thing as matte topcoat? I'm going to investigate because this polish is gorgeous!