Saturday, February 27, 2010

Review: Sephora Round Powder Brush #41


So, I've actually had this brush for a few months now, but it is the greatest addition ever to my brush collection, so I thought I'd share it with you!

For a year or so, I was looking for a large, soft brush that would evenly distribute powder, blush and bronzer. I had such a hard time finding the right fit; I spent a boatload of ca$h on ineffective brushes. Even the 150 and 134, though nice in their own respect, were not what I was looking for.

Then, I came across the #41 Sephora Professionel Platinum brush. I shuddered at the $38 price tag, as that may be a reasonable price for a MAC brush but I'd never really thought Sephora brushes would be as pricey. But, it looked like everything I wanted in a powder brush: It is extremely soft (softer than my MAC brushes); it is fluffy, it is authentic goat hair (distributes creme products more evenly), and well, it's the perfect size for the cheeks.




As you can see, it is a little pink because I've been using it with my Vintage Grape Blush Ombre. It is great if you want a soft wash of color on your cheeks, and if it's an intense color like say, plum or bronze, you will love this brush because it lightly distributes the product! And did I mention it's soft? :)

Anyways, since there's been a lull in MAC products lately (lol), I wanted to share some other fun products that I've been enjoying. :)

What do you think of Sephora brushes?


Fintia said...

good to know! thanks for sharing!

So Very Fabulous said...

I have yet to try Sephora brushes, kind of hesitated because of the price tag (a bit steep for sephora, as you mentioned) but maybe I'll go take a look next time I'm in a Sephora, which I'm sure will be soon enough :)