Thursday, February 25, 2010

Lush Virgin No More!

Ok, I apologize that this is going to be pretty much a text-only post. But I am really excited to say that I have spent my first week ever using Lush products! I have kind of avoided Lush for a while, 1) because I haven't always been near a Lush store, and 2) I was a little intimidated by their selection and had no idea what I would buy when I got there.

But the other day, I decided to just "take a looksie", and ended up with the following products:

-Sultana of Soap soap
-Sandstone soap
-Each Peach Massage Bar
-Tea Tree Water Toner

...I didn't want to get a lot because I just wanted to try their products and make a verdict, but I guess $35 is not really samples, is it? :)

So, what do I think of Lush products? Well...

-Sultana of Soap soap: I was attracted to this, because it is made with fruit, and is very moisturizing. The smell didn't hurt it either! I have used it a couple of times this week, and I can definitely feel the moisturizing properties. My skin doesn't feel dry at all- you know that feeling when you use soap and there's absolutely no lubrication at all? Well, this soap definitely isn't like that! But I wasn't slippery either, haha. And since my skin needs all the moisture I can get, I'm a fan of this soap for sure.

-Sandstone soap: What interested me most about this soap is that half of it is sand, so it is supposedly great for exfoliation. Well, that may be a little too true! You gotta be gentle with the sand side of this soap because it could be a little rough for even the thickest of skins. But then again, that can be a good thing- don't you just hate those exfoliation bars that don't even tap the surface?! So yea, I've been using this on my yucky feet, and I am impressed! It's worked better than a lot of pumice stones. And the bar has lasted a good while which makes me happy. Oh- the citrus-y scent isn't too bad either. :)

-Each Peach Massage Bar: Massage bars are basically moisturizer in a bar. They take just a few seconds of hand-holding to be the perfect consistency to rub all over your body. I loved the scent of Each Peach (peach, silly!). This makes my skin so soft and dewy- my husband even remarked that I was so soft. If he notices, then it must be good! :) I think the massage bar is great after a warm shower or a dip in the pool- and of course, it'd be great for some pep in a relationship. :) I am now dying to try the Wiccy massage bar (supposedly relaxes muscles) and the Shimmy Shimmy (glitter bars!). The ONLY thing I recommend is that you heed the warning to keep it out of the sun! I (stupidly) took mine down to the pool because I wanted to use it after swimming, and der, it might have melted! So don't leave these in a hot place- they're much too precious to waste!

-Tea Tree Water Toner: The sales associate recommended this toner for combination skin, such as mine. It comes in a convenient spray bottle, so you can either spray it directly on the face or apply it to a cotton swab. I tend to like my toners to feel a little on the tingly side, and unfortunately this one is not tingly at all. It takes a while to absorb into the skin. But, it does feel refreshing on a warm day! And it's all natural, so it will be kind to the skin. When used before makeup, I notice that the oil doesn't come as quickly, so that's a plus- anything to ward off greasy face syndrome is a good thing!

Overall, I really am impressed with Lush, and I can certainly see what all the fuss and hype is about. First, it's really awesome to see "organic" soaps. Now, I am not a huge believer in organics (I don't go out of my way for them), but I appreciate knowing that things I'm putting on my body are free of preservatives and all sorts of random chemicals. And, they work! Which is always important, because sometimes natural products aren't very effective products, either.

So, for my next trip to Lush, I really need to know-- What are YOUR favorite Lush products, and why?


Zerin said...

Hey! I'm not much of a lush fan although I did buy a few things from them and I kinda do regret.

I really hated the coal black facial's gross and smells so bad. It smells so bad that I wouldnt even use it on my feet. lol

I didnt like any of their facial moisturizers...even though theyre for dry, combo or oily skin...all of them leave you with a greasy face so theyre best used as a night cream.

The sea salt is ok but rough on the face.

The tea tree toner is good.

I never tried the body soaps but I feel they might be too overpriced sometimes.

Abby Q. said...

Zerin, thanks for your input, I will keep in mind to avoid some of those things! And I agree that the prices are quite steep!

Marie. said...

Ahh...! I want Each Peach but every time I go, I always skip it!

I tried... darn I forgot the name but it was one of their massage bars and I didn't know how to use it... I thought you had to actually MASSAGE someone with it and OMG horrible idea. My husband and I were slipping around in the tub because it had oil in it. We couldn't get the oil out of the tub for DAYS! :(