Friday, February 19, 2010

Review: MAC Riveting Collection

In a nutshell: It's a shame that this collection was released in the shadow of the Spring Color Forecast! It is a beautiful, good-quality collection, but I think most of us are still trying to recover from our huge hauls last week! Nonetheless, if you like great color payoff, and unique, spunky shades, you will love Riveting!

Lipsticks: I bought Metal Maven and Riveting l/s, though all 4 lipsticks are totally gorgeous!

  • Bubbles (which I bought last year), is a soft iridescent highlight color, and looks just like the name: like a bubble! It is a glaze, but the payoff is somewhere between a glaze and frost- not frosty by any means, but not invisible like a lot of glazes! 
    Metal Maven
  • Metal Maven is a pure frosty silver. It is a more intense version of Bubbles. In fact, I was remarking that they could be dupes for each other- not exact, but maybe the most similar of MAC colors. I love the payoff of Metal Maven, and I think it is very unique! 
  • Riveting is a hard color to describe- kind of a plummy taupe. Once again, it is a glaze, but the payoff is fantastic. This reminds me of High Top from Fafi, without the blue sparkle that High Top has. It is gorgeous applied; in fact, the MA was wearing this with Bubbles on top to highlight and it was a perfect, wearable combo! I have very pigmented lips, and this looks great over them. 
  • Finally, Show Orchid is a very vibrant hot pink. It is a PRO color, so its payoff is naturally very rich. I think that in the realm of pinks, it is pretty much perfect. I can't wait to eventually get my hands on it!
l to r: Riveting, Metal Maven

l to r: Show Orchid and True Babe l/g


top to bottom: Show Orchid, True Babe, Riveting, Metal Maven, Bubbles (on the side)


  • Rock Out is a sparkly shimmery silver gloss. It has impressive color payoff and could easily be worn alone, or on top of another lipstick. It can add some oomph to Metal Maven (which I think it needs), or over a brighter color like Show Orchid for a little more depth. 
  • True Babe is a very opaque, creamy hot pink. I have to say, this is one of the more unusual lipglass from MAC. They generally tend to be on the sheer side, and have some shimmer, but this has neither. It looks kind of like how I imagine those OCC Lip Tars to be. I love this color, I just couldn't buy the whole collection so I had to resist it. :(

Blushes: Both of these have amazing color pay-off.
l to r: Full Fuschia, Dirty Plum
  • Dirty Plum is a plummy purple satin blush, very intense but if you want purple blush, this is the one! I am waiting for it in the Liberty of London collection but it is gorgeous. 
  • Full Fuschia is also really intense, nothing I would personally wear, but if you want very solid pink blush, then you will like this! 

Nail Lacquers: I am not a fan of matte nail polish, and the color selection was not very unique. The taupe looks like the Jacques (sorry I can't remember the full name) color from OPI, and the silver and black were...well, silver and black. So I skipped all of these.

Overall though, this a pretty collection. I think the main thing that impressed me is how "PRO" all the colors look and feel. They are all exceptional quality unlike a lot of the consumer-oriented collections that are released. This is for those who really like to experiment and express themselves boldly through their makeup.


Fintia said...

I saw the collection today but did not buy for $$$ reasons lol.. I love Show Orchid!! but I think that my CCO has it.. so I can get it for less! I have to see... I've been passing on it but it's so gorgeous that I need it in my stash for sure. Dirty plum I also super loved :-)

Marie. said...

They always release a smaller collection next to a bigger one.

I have really pigmented lips as well and its hard to pull off certain lips colors but the one you mentioned, I'm actually thinking of getting!

FabDiva20 said...

You mean the OPI nail polish in You Don't Know Jacques. I too am skipping the nail polishes since I'm not a big fan of mattes. I prefer shimmer and frost finish nail polishes. I'm skipping Rock Out l/g since I have She-Zam d/g and I might wait for Dirty Plum for Give Me Liberty Of London. I'm also passing Riveting l/s and Metal Maven l/s. Full Fuchsia blush is the only one that has caught my eye as well as Bubbles l/s.

So Very Fabulous said...

There's definitely a few things I want to eventually get from this collection, but I think I'm going to try to hold off for a bit. Still recovering from my Spring Colour Forecast haul for sure! I'm liking Riveting and True Babe, I like the pink blush but it's pro so I'm glad I can get it any time. And I think I'm going to wait for Dirty Plum in the Liberty of London collection. So weird that they're releasing it in 2 back to back collections, one with original and one with special packaging!