Monday, August 2, 2010

Review: MAC 'Dare to Wear'


Yay, my goodies came! And in good time too- it "only" took 5 days- hurray! :) Anyways I have thoughts and swatches ahead so keep reading!

Ok so I ended up with:
-Goin' Bananas e/s
-Sassy Grass e/s
-Zingy e/s
-Ban This! l/g
-So Bad l/g

...and I already have:
-Aqua e/s
-Sky Blue e/s
-Free to Be e/s


^^Goin' Bananas is a frosty pale yellow, akin to, well, a banana! Which by the way, aren't bananas the silliest of fruits? I came to that realization this week, actually! :P No but back to the eyeshadow: G.B. has long been a sought after shade, and so when I saw it coming out in this collection, there was no doubt that I needed it in my life. However, upon actually swatching it and seeing it IRL, I have decided that it's not. that. great. It reminds me of Crest the Wave e/s, and certainly Nylon is a dupe too, when applied. But it's just too frosty and very little of the yellow is actually seen with this shade. I am sure I will find ways to apply this as I love Crest the Wave. But it is not as exciting as I'd hoped.

^^Sassy Grass is a true green. Like when they talk about the primary colors, this is as true green as you can get! Every other green from MAC pales in comparison. The texture is so-so; it's a typical MAC matte, but compared to eyeshadows from Sugarpill, the payoff is slacking. But seriously, with a MAC 242 brush, this is going to be awesome! Now I just gotta figure out how to wear it....

^^Zingy is a deep sky blue with a hint of turquoise. And by hint, I mean hint. It looks exactly like Clarity or Electric Eel. Sad, because I own Clarity and NEVER wear it. I don't think I have EVER worn it actually. The only difference, though, is that Zingy has less color payoff, hence, when it mixes with your skin color, it looks more turquoise than blue. So that's exciting! Makes me wanna sport it!!

^^Aqua is a light aqua color with a hint of green. It is similar to Aquavert, but it is very very matte. It is chalky but has GREAT color payoff. I love this color; I wore it over Pharoah paint pot once, when I was re-creating the Alexander McQueen for MAC Cleopatra look in makeup class :)

^^Sky Blue is a light shimmery sky blue color. I used this the other day actually, and decided I don't like it. The payoff is horrible- it's like a sheer shimmery color when applied. Barely lasts and takes lots of coats to stay on.

Free to Be is a pinky coral. It was not too long ago released as a perm color, and also released in the Liberty of London collection. It's a very pretty color with this unusual brightness to it. The payoff could be better, but I love this color!! Oh and hai, I totally forgot to take a pic of it!! So sorry- but I did swatch it :)

Overall, the eyeshadows were a slight disappointment. Maybe I'm getting old or maybe I've collected MAC for too long, but a teeny more effort could have been put in to the selection or creation of these eyeshadows. I would just die if they were as smooth or pigmented as Sugarpill! But I do like Sassy Grass, Aqua and Free to Be! Sassy Grass is really an unusual color, so definitely pick it up if you can!

Lip Gloss

As you may know, the Dare-to-Wear glosses are a new formula that promises to deliver high impact color while lasting forever on the lips. I have to say this is very accurate! Of the two glosses I got, I couldn't believe how smoothly and easily they applied; the color is bright and vibrant; and the doe-foot applicators work wonders for the application process. I bought only 2 to start, but have already put in an order for 2 more!!


^^Ban This! is a deep berry purple. It even has a hint of blue duochrome. I just cannot believe how easily this color applied- it is so incredibly smooth in just one stroke! And they feel really smooth on the lips. They do last longer than the normal gloss, but I wouldn't say that they're like incredibly long-lasting or anything. I will say, that I got 3 compliments in the span of 5 minutes today- everyone said my "lipstick" looked good and in the sun it was very sparkly!



^^So Bad is a midtone coral. I am a sucker for corals, what can I say! It is significantly sheerer than Ban This!, but just as smooth, and definitely buildable in color. It is very shimmery- perhaps a little too much for me- looks quite frosty. But a pretty color nonetheless!
l: So Bad r: Ban This! 



I am waiting for Dare to Dare and Wind me Up to arrive, so I will update you on those!!

Overall, the glosses are a huge win for me. The tubes are so chic and sophisticated- I'm kinda thinking of never buying a regular lipglass ever again!!

They definitely need to re-promote these in the future, and have a slew of colors and finishes- because honestly, with the ease in which this applied, I can see these being my choice over lipsticks! So much less fuss, ya know?

l to r: Sassy Grass, Zingy, Goin' Bananas, Aqua, Sky Blue, Free to Be

l to r: Clarity, Zingy

l to r: One-Off, Humid, Sassy Grass, Bio Green

Clock wise from Top Let: Sassy Grass, Aquadisiac, Humid, One-Off

l to r: So Bad, Ban This!, Boys Go Crazy d/g

Doe Foot Applicator! Love it :)

Ban This! (one swipe!!)

ANYWAYS, did you haul from Dare to Wear?


prettyaspeaches said...

Great swatches! BTW what do you use on your face? You always have such amazing skin! I'm meaning foundation and skin care :)

Abby Q. said...

Wow thanks so much! :) I used Bare Minerals foundation today- I think it is one of my fave foundations ever!

Kelly said...

Thanks for the review and swatches! I agree, bananas are pretty strange fruit.

I love Ban Me! though. It's gorgeous!

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FabDiva20 said...

Awesome review and swatches! I compared my Zingy with Electric Eel and Clarity and they are almost identical. I had to get Zingy because I've been into blues lately.