Saturday, February 5, 2011

Korres 'Vitamin E' Face Primer


After Temptalia's readers voted this the #1 primer, I kinda couldn't help myself from wanting to try it too! I don't have some long, elaborate review, but I do have to say that I am also very pleased with the results! Keep reading for photos!

The formula feels like a moisturizer, but dries down to a semi-matte, almost filmy (but light-weight) texture.
looks and feels like a moisturizer...

...dries down to a semi-matte 

A little goes a long way: only half a pea size is what it takes to cover your entire face as it is very smooth and spreadable.


The tube is 1.01 fl oz, and costs $28. This is just a couple dollars less than Tarte Clean Slate (my other favorite), so the two are certainly comparable in price, and in the fact that they are both made from natural ingredients. This primer, for example, is 98.93% natural origin!

Anyways, I definitely agree with Temptalia's verdict- this is a great primer with amazing long lasting results!

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Princess Paradise said...

Good stuff, works great =] please stop on by ?