Thursday, February 3, 2011

MAC 'Peacocky' Mega Metal Eyeshadows!


Yes, I realize that I am way behind with posting these eyeshadows, but in my defense, I didn't pick any up until this past week when I just couldn't hold out any longer!

I love the finish of these shadows, they're so smooth and perfectly pigmented. Keep reading for photos of my fave 5!

Spectacle of Yourself- Was not originally my first choice, because I do already have similar colors in my collection. But, I decided that it would look gorgeous with the next two, Paparazz-She and Tweet Me. Sure enough, the three combined looks like a beautiful sunset.

Paparazz-She- Very similar to Amber Lights, though with more orange. I can't get enough of oranges, so this was a no brainer!

Tweet Me- I got this only to go with Paparazz-She, as they make a great pair. It is a cute color but certainly not one I'd ever wear alone. If you have Melon pigment, you will be happy to know that Tweet Me does not match in color payoff or intensity at all, so stick with Melon pigment!!

Prance- This is probably one of the most unique colors in the collection. It is as if Naked Lunch and Shale had a baby, with Naked Lunch's genes being a bit more predominant. But really, it has that gray-mauve tone in a much lighter shade. So, appears to be just your average highlight shade, but in my eyes, this is a really great color. Would go well with Unflappable, a color I would also love to own!

Dalliance- Another unique shade, that I can't find a dupe for. Yes, there are "similar enough" colors but nothing perfect a union of silver and gold as this! Very metallic bling bling! I love it.

l to r: Spectacle of Yourself, Paparazz-She, Tweet Me, Prance, Dalliance

Ok, so there you have it. If you haven't grabbed these yet, do so soon, because they are pretty awesome! The price sucks, and I still can't believe I spent $100 for 5 frickin' eyeshadows, but I'll let myself go this time :)


Vixxan said...

I did the same thing but I do believe that they are worth it. I am a shopaholic and everything is worth it. Very nice review.

Rebecca said...

I really like the Dalliance one! I will have to go pick it up sometime.