Monday, July 19, 2010

Review: MAC 'In the Groove' Collection

My goodies finally arrived! I am so excited to have my hands on it all- although I was definitely surprised on my ultimate thoughts on certain products. Anyways, keep reading to see what I think!

Ok so, I have already reviewed Stereo Rose, so I will spare you on that one. I also got:
-Go For it l/s
-Jazzed l/s
-Chillin' c/g
-Hang Loose m/b
-Happy Together m/b (forgot to take pics of this one so I will have to share it later)
-Petticoat MSF

I skipped the MES because, as pretty as they are, I could totally picture them in my sale thread one day (and probably sooner than later).

Anyways, on to the products (PS- sorry in advance that some of them are sideways- I don't know why photobucket isn't behaving lately):

^^Go For It l/s is a purple with very blue undertones. It almost looks duochrome, that's how obvious the blue is. It is a cremesheen which is not my favorite finish, but I adore this color, as it is just straight up purple- quite unique, in my opinion.

^^Jazzed l/s is a coral with pink undertones. I have picked up a ton of coral lipsticks from MAC lately, not sure exactly why I need so many (lol), but this one is certainly different from Dressmaker and Ever Hip- it is not as pink as Ever Hip, but not as orange as Dressmaker. Kinda a mix of the two. I have provided swatches below for reference.

^^Chillin c/g is a ice blue with a slight green shimmer. I bought this so I could wear it over Go For It l/s, however as beautiful as it looks in the tube, it does not have any color payoff! It is sadly very very sheer. I regret paying $18 for basically a clear gloss.

^^Hang Loose m/b is half- satin powder pink and half- shimmery lavender. It mixes to a nice cool shimmery pink blush. I was hoping the lavender side would be more purple but it is quite pinky. However, this is a beautiful blush- I adore the cool cheeks look. It is definitely similar to Well-Dressed.

^^Petticoat MSF is light pink with raspberry veining. The veining in Petticoat can definitely change the overall color of the product. Mine has medium veining, which I suppose is good because the veining tends to give a metallic look. This MSF is not the smoothest I've ever felt, and there is still definitely a metallic cast to it.

Happy Together m/b is a beige dual sided blush. I forgot to take pics but will definitely post some up soon! It is a little orangey but not terribly so. I think it works best for NC25 and darker, although with a light hand, fairer ladies like me can still pull it off. I just was really surprised how pigmented it was the first time I tried it.


top to bottom: Dressmaker, Jazzed, Ever Hip

Chillin c/g

l to r: Ever Hip, Jazzed, Go For It, Violetta

Hang Loose m/b l to r: lavender side, pink side, mixed.

Anyways, there you have it! What about you, what did you get from 'In the Groove'? Are you still diggin' this collection?


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