Friday, October 24, 2008

Christmas before Halloween: MAC's Adoring Carmine Brush Sets!

Hurray! Well, I can always tell Christmas is coming when MAC releases their greatly anticipated holiday collection! This year, in conjunction with Red, She Said, MAC has released Adoring Carmine, which includes some awesome special edition brush sets and eyeshadow palettes! I am obsessed with eyeshadows, so the palettes were right up my alley! And, since MAC reduced the price of the brush sets to $35 at Nordies (orig. $49.50), I could not pass them up either. Here are some photos and reviews:

Adoring Carmine: Basic Brush Set

Included (top to bottom): Blush brush (129), Small shader brush (239), Pencil smudger brush (219), Lip Brush (319) and Liner Brush (266).

PROS: The Basic Brush set is GREAT for beginners who need some simple makeup brushes, or for those who don't want to lug their expensive brushes all over the place. The set costs $35 at Nordstrom, making each brush only $7, which is a total steal considering the prices of the full size MAC brushes! It's great for traveling, having back ups of your favorite brushes, or even as a sampler to MAC brushes. MY favorites in this set are the small shader brush (239, and the Lip Brush (319). The small shader feels nicer than the normal one, for some reason! Flexible bristles!

CONS: The brushes are not the same quality as MAC's regular brushes. For starters, the hair is not quite as nice or fine; it may be slightly coarser, such as the blush brush, and the liner brush. The liner brush is almost unusable as a liner, but can be used easily as a brow brush; it is just too thick to line, and feels slightly harsh for use on the eye. The paint on the handles seems like it could chip off fairly easy, so treat the brushes with care or they may start falling apart! Other than that, this is a great set.

Adoring Carmine: Eye Brushes

Includes (l to r): Large Shader Brush (252), Blending Brush (217), Angled Blending Brush (275), Liquid Liner Brush (209), Liner Brush (212).

PROS: For any eyeshadow lover, the eye brush set is a must-have! It includes many of MAC's most popular eye brushes, once again for that $35 price tag! All of the brushes serve a different purpose, and are pretty well made, and feel just like the real ones.

CONS: Same as basic brush kit, pretty much.

Overall, these are great brushes to have, and to be honest, the price is just really right. MAC has never lowered the price like this, as far as I know, and so If you have been at all interested in grabbing some brushes - for whatever reason- there's no time like the holidays to do so!

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