Friday, October 17, 2008

Christmas comes early!

Alright friends, well for my first "real" entry, I will be showing you a few of the goodies I got from the first leg of MAC's holiday line, "Red" She Said.  Again, this is only the first of a few parts to be released this week and next (and a few holiday-esque collections in November). I obviously didn't get EVERYTHING, but here is what I did get, and what I consider to be the  highlights!

Mineralize Eyeshadow Trios: The mineralize trend has gradually wended its way into MAC's products, and one of the first products they made were these mineralize eyeshadows. They started off with complementary color duos, and this holiday is the first time they've added three colors to the mix! But be warned, the middle color, or "zipper", is not like the outer colors! It's very grainy, glittery and all around difficult to use, even wet! But just pretend it's not even there, and the colors are all really amazing, particularly Dangerzone. 

Red and black always are cool colors, and if you are familiar with these Mineralized Eyeshadows and missed last year's Mi'lady (the purple and red one) or even Hot Contrast, you will be happy to know that it's the same red in all of these! And may I add that a true red eyeshadow is hard to come by, particularly because to make red, you have to add carmine, which I'm told is derived from a beetle. Yuck! 

Dangerzone 2008 (l) and Mi'Lady from 2007 (r) 

Honorable Mention MES trio: Word-of-Mouth (see it online at

Dazzleglasses: These are one of MAC's most successful lip glosses! A spin on the traditional MAC lipglass, dazzleglasses are infused with high shine and glitter to *dazzle* your lips! :) These were originally released as a full collection in May 2008, but was limited and sold out quickly. They have thus added a new color, Miss Dynamite for the Holiday collection, but expect these to be gone quickly! The great thing is, you cannot feel any gritty glitter on your lips when wearing these, so you can have the high shine AND happy lips.

So the colors I picked up this round were Sugarrimmed and Baby Sparks. Two very safe colors, I know, but they will have lots of use for that very reason! 

Pomposity Lipstick: I must say, this one came as somewhat of a surprise to me! It is a beautiful, mild-tone hot pink color with a bit of shimmer mixed in. It was originally released in Summer 2007 with the  neon-bright C-Shock collection, and it's back! When I first went to the counter, they told me it was already sold out within one day (they only got 3 in!), and so I had to hunt for this at a MAC location 45 min away! But it is well worth it, and perfect for anyone who wants to try some color on their lips but who don't want anything too WOW, ya know?

Stark Naked Beauty Powder Blush: One of the most beautiful items in this collection is the Stark Naked blush. It is a nice rosy pink with gold shimmer flecks mixed in and is just astonishingly beautiful while also adding a bit of shine to those cheeks so they don't look so matte. It reminds me a LOT of Blooming blush from the Cult of Cherry collection, but with gold shimmer. In fact I have taken comparison shots to prove it!

Blooming (l) and Stark Naked (r)

Okay so those are MY Red She Said highlights, and there are plenty more to be had at your local MAC or at so check em out! :)

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