Saturday, October 18, 2008

Get the Stocking Ready: Urban Decay 24/7 Liners Sets

(purple pencil displayed to compare to the set size-wise)

Imagine my surprise, when I stumbled over this awesome 5-piece set of Urban Decay's cult-favorite 24/7 liners, at no other than Urban Outfitters. I always find something amazing at UO, so I guess it's no surprise that I found these there. You have to understand, in Utah (where I live), beauty stores are far and few between - and these liners are incredibly hard to find! In fact there are only 2 places in Utah that sell these, one is 3 hrs away, the other is 1.5 hrs away, but it's also a  really run-down boutique that never has any colors in! So I was really shocked to fall upon these while shopping and of course scooped them up instantly!

These are 3/4 the size of the full-size pencils (.03g vs .04g) and much cheaper! They're less than $6 per pencil ($29 for the set), but the full-size ones are like $16, for just  .01g more! 5 for the price of 2! ANYWAYS, it's a great deal, especially if you want to try them all out. This is the "Velvet Rope" set, and there is also a very colorful MULTI set available (see that might be pretty sweet!

So, what's so great about UD 24/7 liners? 

These are smudge proof and glide on like butter! They have been heralded over all other pencils, and the black is a true, deep black. Many brands have attempted to imitate these pencils, but I honestly do not think anyone has succeeded. You know my love for MAC, and even I'll concede that MAC doesn't have anything as good as this. Also, these can be worn on the waterline, which is ideal.

Great stocking stuffers as well. :)

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