Sunday, November 16, 2008

FOTD: Neutral, Everyday + MAC Makeup for Dry Skin! :)

I apologize for the semi-long hiatus, it's been crazy! I've got a lot of great stuff in store over the next couple weeks for you, so bear with me!  :)

Yesterday I had the chance to go to a really fun event at Nordstrom for MAC Cosmetics. Their regional trainers were in town, and I was able to have a consultation with one of them, named Molly, who helped figure out an ideal daily makeup regimen that would work for me. Then, one of the makeup artists at our counter did the look with the recommended products, and I helped out by doing some of the work so I could learn how to do it at home. The look is fairly easy, but it was still very helpful to be tutored a little! I got to ask a lot of questions and learn a few tips and tricks from her, so it was awesome.

I thought I'd share the look via this Face Chart that I re-created when I got home. It's my first face chart EVER so I'm sorry that it's messy! Not to mention it got a little damaged during the makeover! :0(

This is a really easy, neutral, everyday look that can be vamped up for evening! I love colorful looks, but I wanted to try something a little softer.

Here's the look:

Products Used:

-Painterly Paint Pot (using circular motions, buff on with 217 brush- this uses less product, prevents creasing, and blends well)
-Shroom Eyeshadow (on brow bone, buffed on lightly with 217 brush)
-Orb Eyeshadow (lightly patted on lid only with 239 brush)
-Tete a Tint Eyeshadow (buffed through inner and outer crease with 224 brush)
-Smolder Kohl Liner (applied using small strokes with 208 brush on upper and lower lines as well as on rim/waterline)
-Zoom Lash in Zoomblack Mascara
-Brow Pencil in Lingering (fill in lashes with small strokes)
-Word of Mouth Trio from Red She Said (using the gray portion, apply with 219 under eye, to create a smokey look)

-Prep + Prime Lip (described to me as like double stick tape! Used on lips and just around edges to prevent feathering)
-Stripdown Lipliner (although used only on edges, I recommend using on WHOLE lip so color stays in all areas not just the line)
-Freckletone Lipstick (I used Blankety for this face chart- they're pretty similar)
-Cushy White Plushglass

-Warm Soul Mineralized Blush (applied with 168)

Because I have such dry skin, Molly recommended some pretty moisturizing products. She recommended the Select Tint SPF15, which unfortunately is being discontinued and they were out of my color at the store. It is basically a tinted moisturizer, so I doubt if I have problem finding one from another brand, but she said minimal coverage is really all I need. Then, she used Select Moisturecover Concealer to cover any under eye circles and blemishes. Finally, she used Mineral Skin Finish Natural in Light Medium and spritzed the final look with Fix+. I love this-it not only allows my skin to feel nourished, and moisturized but it looks great and natural, not overdone.

So that is pretty much all I have for now - stay tuned for tips on contouring straight from the experts! It may surprise you! :)

As a bonus, here is a photo of my haul (good thing I had most of the products used, as I would've spent at least $500 if I hadn't!):

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