Thursday, November 20, 2008

Review: MAC Metal Urge


OMG I can't tell you how long I've been waiting for the new
MAC Metal Urge collection to come out! I know I'm like the only one who cares about this collection, but I have honestly been so excited to see these newly reformulated Metal-X, especially after last year's didn't work out so well. Today finally came I'm so happy! Anyways, here's a review, complete with photos of what I got:

Metal X:

Gilded Ash: Looks a lot like Smoke & Diamonds from MAC Starflash collection. Looks kind of brown in the pot, but applied, looks like a brown-gray. Very pretty!

Pink Platinum: Very very light pink, especially when applied to the skin- almost looks silvery blue pink, which is probably why "Platinum" is in the name. Seems like it would look awesome underneath pretty much any color! 

Verdigris: Kind of looks like a dirty gray green. Not really my favorite.
Gold Spice: Amber Lights eyeshadow in Metal-X. Very pretty, repeat from 2007's Metal-X collection. 

Material Gold: Beautiful nude champagne color. If you're going for a nice, everyday dab on the lids, this would make them look lovely and dewy! I am second guessing this one!

Forged Rose: Lovely rosy copper color. Similar to coppering with a bit more rose to it.

Metal Blu: This was another repromote from last year, and is so beautiful! I couldn't resist picking it up! I'm not a "blue" person but this with Reflects Duo Purple is amazing! Looks like ice!


I like Pigments but I didn't see any that stood out to me. Gold Mode looks like Honey Lust in pigment form. Spiritualize is a beautiful yellow-green, if you like greens. Cocomotion is pretty too, but again wasn't anything special.

reflects duo purple

I intended to grab Blackened Red Glitter, but wasn't too wowed by it when I saw it in real life. It's not very shimmery, just dull blobs. I might consider it in the future but not for now. I ended up with Reflects Duo Purple Glitter, which looks so awesome and complements Metal Blu Metal X. I was sold on it as soon as I saw it layered. The pink glitter is fantastic as well. Finally the bronze looks like a dark gold - wait, isn't that bronze? haha.

Liquid Last Liners:
Most of these are permanent colors so they're not too special, but Visionaire is a nice light pink that was promoted with Barbie Loves MAC, so that's definitely a highlight. I passed on these because I don't care too much for these liners. I was hoping for the Glitter Liners again this year, but no such luck!

Overall Score: 4.5 of 5 
This collection would have been better if it had included Pink Ingot from last year's Metal-X collection, and Glitter Eyeliners, but what was provided was very impressive. The new formula for the Metal-X is impressive and noticeable. I have been wearing these on my hand for the past 5 hours and they haven't smudged at all! It's a good sign for my eyes. Great job, MAC!

Tips: Glitters are not eye or lip-safe, but can be used in hair, cheeks, etc. For the Metal-X, no base is needed, as these act as a base themselves. If you insist, my lovely MA recommended MAC Bare Canvas Paint (Urban Decay Primer Potion would work well also). Metal-X are also best applied with fingers, using a small amount of product.

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