Friday, November 7, 2008

Review: MAC Dazzlelash Mascara

MAC lovers rejoice! A new *permanent* MAC mascara has been delivered! MAC mascaras have never been #1 in the mascara world, but with MAC's promise for Dazzlelash to "go bigger, bolder, longer", maybe we'll be hearing a few more raves soon? I picked up "DazzleBlack" today, and here are some photos and thoughts:

First, I love the fact that MAC's mascaras are so affordable. Dazzlelash is $12, and that's at the higher range of MAC's mascaras, which range from $10-12. Seriously, drugstore brands are almost the same price, so for a couple bucks more, why not go MAC? Besides it's affordablity, Dazzlelash is packaged in a unique tube akin to MAC's prep + prime line, with shimmer embedded into the black plastic.

The wand looks like a boring ol' mascara wand, but the results are fascinating (oh and sorry it looks grey, I used a flash! It's supposed to be black). It's much smaller than a lot of MAC's mascaras, particularly the Plushlash, which has a huge wand. This allows for the product to be applied more precisely, depending on YOUR preference. More control for you = good. 

I like that this mascara really does deliver on all of its promises to make lashes more voluptuous. In fact, the MA said it has already become her favorite MAC mascara, as some mascaras focus on just length or volume, not both. 

In these photos, the MA applied Dazzlelash to both my upper and lower lashes. I'm not a huge lower lash fan, but you can see how the bottom lashes fan out with the mascara! Genius! 

On the down side, there does seem to be a slight amount of clumping. My upper lashes are one thing, because I was wearing a teeny bit of mascara before the MA applied, but the lower lashes have no excuse, because they were previously mascara-free! So I will try again tomorrow and see if there's a lot of clumping or not.

PS- Here's my favorite way to apply mascara: Apply mascara first to the root of the lashes and wiggle the wand back and forth, and then brush it out to the tips. The tips should not be clumpy, and you shouldn't apply a lot there, just a little bit. The most concentrated bit should be at the roots! Enjoy Dazzlelash! 


Anonymous said...

I'm so interested in trying out Dazzle Lash, but does it hold a curl well? I have stick straight lashes, and after curling, I find that most MAC mascaras don't hold the curl :(

Sylvie said...

Hi, how does this compare to Plushlash in your opinion? You are actually one of the first reviewers of Dazzlelash on the internet!

Abby Q. said...

Hi Sylvie! To be honest, after trying this product for the past week, I think I prefer Plushlash- it has been my staple mascara for the past year, and I still think it is better. It depends on what you want to do with your lashes, because for me, it's all about length and volume- Dazzlelash gives a little but it seems to mostly separate already long lashes...does that make sense? It tends to clump a bit as well. If you're a Plushlash fan, I'd recommend staying with it! Hope that helps!