Saturday, November 6, 2010

E.L.F. Holiday: Liquid Liner Set


If you are a liquid liner fan, you might be excited to see E.L.F.'s Holiday set containing three of their liquid eyeliners in one little package. Keep reading to see if this is where you should put your hard-earned $3.


So, for $3, the set includes a Black, Silver, and Plum liner. $1 a piece isn't bad, which is why I was willing to fork out that much to try them. I'm an occasional liquid liner fan, as long as it isn't too runny, and the brush or applicator isn't totally cheap- it needs to bend a little, but not too much, and not fray. I also like when the liner stays put and doesn't break off in pieces throughout the day (hello, MAC's Superslick liners). So, those are my requirements for the E.L.F. ones, too.

The colors are pretty, and great for the holiday season. Thankfully they didn't do Green and Red, so you won't be super matchy matchy, but will still look appropriate at a holiday party.

The formula kinda varies from liner to liner- the Black, I felt it was consistent and not too runny; however, for the Plum it ran/dripped a little, and the Silver was chunky (?!) or something, not sure what was happening there.


The applicator on these bad boys is pretty decent- not too hard, not too soft- provides the exact line you need, whether thin or thick. However again, the formula can present problems, so use just a little product and build as needed.

I was impressed with the staying power of these liners- it was very difficult to wipe them off my hand with a wet wipe after just a couple of minutes- they were ready to stay put! So that's a plus.

Overall, if you are looking to try liquid liners on the cheap, or looking for a variety of colors without breaking the bank, you may like these. However, if you are a liquid liner aficionado, and have found a formula that you love, stick with it- if it ain't broke, don't fix it, right?

Rating: Proceed with Caution



That's so worth $$$!

liquoredonlacquer said...

I have them and I wasn't impressed with any of the elf liquid liners i don't know why they just seem runny and thin.
I wish they worked for me because they are SOO cheap!!