Thursday, November 11, 2010

Revlon 'Fire & Ice' Vintage Packaging


This is one of those times that just proves how much of a packaging whore I am! I ran across this fun limited-edition packaging of Revlon's 'Fire & Ice' lipstick at Target and had to have it! Turns out, it was actually a worthwhile purchase. Keep reading to see how cute this lipstick is!
First let's talk about this adorable packaging!



The packaging definitely reminds me of something I would've have found in my grandma's makeup drawer- it has that classic old school look that is hard to find these days. In reality, the packaging is just fancified plastic, but it still has a very sturdy, classic feel and look to it. 

The color, though apparently classic red on the tag, is more of a pink, watermelon red. The formula is closest to MAC's amplified cream finish, in that it has great payoff, but is creamy as opposed to matte or satin.
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I felt like it wore very well throughout the day; at one point, I stopped for a drink at Starbucks, and lots of the color transferred to my cup, but looking at my lips, they were still stained as true as the lipstick.

Here is a picture of it just barely applied:

I was also impressed with the price tag at Target; it was only $7.69, which doesn't seem half bad for a fun, limited edition casing like this. The regular packaged colors that also are included with Revlon's "vintage" collection are only about $5, which is also fairly reasonable.

Overall, I really like this color, it's a fun, classy color in adorable packaging! 

Rating: Go For It! 

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liquoredonlacquer said...

such a pretty color, and I love that packaging!
very cute!!

I would love to add this to my collection!

thanks for the post