Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Review: MAC A Tartan Tale Pigments


Finally, I'm onto the pigments! A Tartan Tale features three "blackened" shades. I generally love pigments (and collect them like crazy, despite not using them very often haha), so was very excited to see some new ones lined up in this collection. Keep reading to find out what I thought of these!

These three pigments are reminiscent of Style Black, in the way that they are dark, blackened, but colors as well. They are deep and well-pigmented, so if you liked the Style Black look, you will find these appealing. For those looking for a more neutral softer look, these obviously won't be for you, lol.

^^The Family Crest is a blackened brown with noticeable copper shimmer. Will be a great crease color for brown looks.

^^Moonlight Night is a blackened teal. I don't usually do teals, so I planned on skipping this one. However, my friend bought it and ended up not seeing a use for it, so I grabbed it from her at the last moment. This is deep enough where you can use them as a hint of color, even if you're not into blues and greens like me. I can see this being deep enough to accent a myriad of other colors, such as violets, browns, etc.

^^Later is a blackened blue with blue shimmer. I bought this one with the summer's Alice + Olivia collection. It is definitely a must-have; once again, if you want to try blues but they don't generally work for you, this would be a good compromise.

Overall, I can see these used primarily for a different twist on crease colors, but they would also look fabulous used wet, foiled on the eyelid.

l to r: Moonlight Night, The Family Crest, Later

What about you, are you planning on rocking the dark pigments?


Cydonian said...

Nice swatches! I tried swatching but they were chunky as all get out on me :( I like the colours but darker shades get really muddy on my eyes for some reason. Maybe some FOTDs from you will make me want to buy them, lol


The colors are really nice, I bet they'll look good on you. I stumbled upon your blog when I googled for So chaud lipstick, and I liked it. :-)