Friday, June 18, 2010

Depotting: Yes or No?

Do you depot your eyeshadows? Why or why not? This has been a debate for a lot of collectors- whether they should depot all their lovely eyeshadows and put them in to one place (and exchange them via B2M!), or if they should keep them in individual pots. To see what I did, keep reading!

A year or so ago, after I had accrued over 100 individual eyeshadows, I decided to depot them and put them in one place- 15-pan palettes. I felt like this was saving room (as pots take way too much room), and of course, the lure of free lipsticks was very tempting! I successfully depotted most of them (except for my special packaging e/s), and continued to depot any new additions for the next few months.

10 palettes!! 

But, what I soon learned was that when they were in 15-pan palettes, I never reached for them. Instead, I found myself picking up pre-made quads or holiday palettes. Since I have depotted them, I very very rarely reach for my 15-pan palettes, unless I am recreating a look or needing specific colors. It is just harder for me to see what is inside the palettes, and because they are so big/bulky, I refuse to haul them around.

Well, anyways, here is some MAC porn(everyone loves a little MAC porn once in a while!) for you, my ten 15-pan palettes! Can you name the shadows? :P











So, I stopped depotting recently. One, because I just love the look of individual eyeshadows; Two, because there are not many lipsticks I'm interested in (and I only have counters in my state, so I can't get e/s or anything). So far, I am loving my new generation of potted eyeshadows, and find myself reaching for them a bit more often than my palettes.
Here are my individual eyeshadows. I never depotted my special packaging shadows:


And of course, my more recent shadows that I haven't depotted...

So, what about you, do you depot? 


prettyaspeaches said...

I love MAC porn! Yeah I depot but now it's getting so I have so many that it's hard to find what I want. I was thinking of pairing them down to quads instead so I can see them? I heard Z palettes are pretty good (I think they have clear covers).

Vixxan said...

I did the same thing and found that I almost never reached for them in the black palette. I have been working on a palette that's clear It's a really sweet palette it holds 50-54 MAC eye shadows. I am having a problem with the glue, after so many months it falls apart. I'm going to keep working on it until it's perfect

Anonymous said...


em said...

I'm really similar, I rarely use my depotted e/s, it's so annoying! I depooted all the LE ones too, it was hard at first but once I had done one there was no looking back!

FabDiva20 said...

I do depot my eyeshadows that are in the regular packaging since they are the ones that I toss in my B2M pile. I don't ever depot my special packaging eyeshadows either since I adore them. I'm going to order two MAC Palettes next month since I'm going be placing a huge MAC order.

Marie. said...

I don't depot. I just buy the pan form cause it's cheaper. Plus I'm scared I'll ruin my eye shadows!