Wednesday, June 16, 2010

QOTD: Have you ever had an unexpected love w/ a product?

Have you ever seen a product that looked fug at first sight, only for it to become one of your favorite products ever? I think I am always attracted the least-favorite products of a collection anyways, but I will say there is one product that I almost did not buy, but thanks to an open mind, it has become one of my favorite products! What is it? Keep reading to find out!

It is...


...the Stowaway Quad, a Nordstrom Exclusive from 2008!

When I originally saw the promo images for this quad, I thought "pee and poop"- none of the colors looked like they could possibly go together in one quad. However, I had a good friend who had just started working at MAC, and she was raving about this quad, insisting on its amazingness. I ordered it before I even had a chance to look at it in the stores, and when it arrived, I was surprisingly pleased!

L to R: Awash, Crest the Wave, Satin Taupe, Sea Cadet

Awash (F) has been compared to White Wheat, and it is a perfect, shimmery highlight color. It has a gold undercast, which makes is unique. I have not found any color to dupe this. 

Crest The Wave (F) is a whitish yellow- looks bright, but when applied, it's more like a goldish white. Very versatile and fun! I love this color, and so does MAC, because they repromoted it in the Makeup Art Collection in 2009. Super unique!

Satin Taupe (F) is a classic MAC color- as the name implies, it is a taupe, albeit slightly cool and more frost than satin. I like this color and have learned to use it in a variety of looks!

Sea-Cadet (S) is a navy blue, great for creases or doing a more intense smokey look. I don't use this a whole lot, but when I do, I love the way it turns out! Blendability is great!

As you can see, this quad has gone through a lot and there's lots of wear-and-tear.
Good news is, I recently found a back-up online (, so I have another one coming my way.

What about you, what is your unexpected favorite product??


prettyaspeaches said...

Lol to pee and poo! It looks so pretty on your skin tone. You should do a FOTD with this soon :)

Fintia said...

yup! FOTD! tomorrow! lol

JC said...

Benefits Rush Hour is one of my FAVORITE products ever, as is Nars Orgasm blush. :) Just bought a Chanel lipstick in Mademoiselle and it is PERFECTION! :)