Sunday, June 20, 2010

Review: Flirt! Cosmetics


If you haven't heard of Flirt!, allow me the pleasure of introducing you to one of  Estee Lauder's most recent acquisitions. Flirt!, available at Kohl's (and is a makeup line targeted to young adults. It has a similar style of MAC, and some products I would argue, certainly rival MAC in terms of color and quality. However, Flirt! is able to hold its own by offering some unique (and awesome!) products that MAC does not. Wanna know Flirt's best-kept secrets? Keep reading to find out!

I remember the first time I checked out Flirt!- I couldn't believe how similar some of the products were to MAC- some of the eyeshadows were dead ringers for MAC eyeshadows, which I assume is possible since they are both EL companies.

However, as I have thought about it, they really are two different animals. I would agree that overall, MAC  is better all-around quality, but since Flirt! is up to 30% less than MAC, that is not a surprise. Then, there are products that are incomparable because MAC does not have such a product (or vice-versa). Well ok I'll stop rambling and start showing, how's that? :)

Whipped Mousse Eyeshadows
l: Sand Castle. r: Snow Angel

I usually avoid eye products that are anything other than powder or paints, because the chances of them creasing in the first minute of wear is close to 99.9%. However, I loved the look of these Whipped Mousse Eyeshadows, as when you apply them, they don't feel like any kind of eyeshadow I've tried before. Mousse is definitely the best way to describe them, although they do dry down to some what of a satin finish.

Up-close-and-personal: Snow Angel

I bought Snow Angel because it was a pretty, frosty white, and Sand Castle because it was a nice soft taupe that looked like it would be perfect on those no-makeup look days. I was hoping they would create a tawny, natural look.

Just like any other shadows, I use a paint pot as a base, and I apply these with brushes- the 242 to apply, and the 217 to blend out any harsh edges. I usually just wear these by themselves, because they are really only used on less-complicated-look days. And believe it or not, they have not really creased on me! I mean, not like I'm expecting a lot anyways, but it's impressive that they don't wear off in 5 seconds.


Blush 21

The lipstick I got is a soft slightly frosty pink called 21 Blush. I got this around the time that 'B-Babe' lipstick was released with MAC's Brunette, Blonde, Redhead collection. 'B-babe' had sold out, so when I saw this color, I was stoked, because it is so similar. It is gorgeous, glossy but pigmented, and killed my lemming for 'B-Babe'! Lipsticks are $12.

Multi-Use Stick


This stick, unfortunately, may not be sold anymore. At least I can't see it on Kohls' site. But this is just like the NARS Multiple (same size as the mini ones that came in a set), except that it is half as much! It is a beautiful gold color that can be used on the cheeks, lips, eyes, etc- great for a quick makeup day- and creates a soft dewy glow.

Other Products:
-At Christmas time, keep your eyes open for 40-piece eyeshadow palette- the shadows are the same size and shape as those at MAC, but the whole set is about $30! A total steal! I compared some of the shadows to MAC, and not only are some of them total MAC dupes, but some of them swatch better than MAC.

-Sheer Powder Cheek Color (aka Blush). They come in squirrely looking packaging, but many of the colors are similar to MAC, and they last forever!


Snow Angel

Sand Castle

TIP: Check out these color stories and shop the products used to create the looks- they are so gorgeous. My favorite is Snow Bunny.

Do you use Flirt!? What is your favorite product?


Marie. said...

I LOVE Flirt! My favorite product is their eye shadow in Honey Lemonade and I LOVE their perfumes! The holiday palette is amazing too.

l0verlada said...

Holy crap about that palette, if you have it I'd love to see a review!