Saturday, June 26, 2010

Review: Clean & Clear 'Finishes' Moisturizer


I learned about 'Finishes' Pore Perfecting moisturizer from...television! That's right, I saw the commercial three times :) But really, the commercial touts this product as a moisturizer that uses light to perfect your skin, and that sounded good to me, so I decided to try it! The results? Keep reading! Warning: You are about to see my BARE face, so be prepared! :)

I do have to admit that I was a bit skeptical about this product. It seems unlikely that a product that dries and blends down to clear is going to also conceal imperfections, especially on skin like mine. Well, see below to find out what kind of skin I have!

The consistency is like a normal moisturizer, and dries down to a clear, almost filmy finish:

Just by applying this moisturizer, I can tell that it has a special feel. But, did it work?

Well first off, here is my skin sans 'Finishes'. Au naturel!!


Yep, my skin is far from perfect. I have acne scarring and larger pores. Not bad, but definitely not amazing.

And, here is my skin with the 'Finishes' moisturizer. I used a flash because this is what the moisturizer claims to do- makes you look flawless due to light reflection:


So, did it work? What do you think? Obviously, in light and with a flash, I look slightly better. But I definitely wouldn't say this gives me flawless skin. Further, in an environment without much natural light, I don't think this is effective at all.

As a moisturizer, it is not very good. In fact, the word "moisturizer" should be taken very lightly. I definitely needed my regular moisturizer in addition to this.

Have you tried 'Finishes'? What do you think?

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