Tuesday, June 22, 2010

QOTD: What is your favorite MAC packaging ever?

MAC is notorious for their fun and festive special collection packaging. In the past 7 years, I have items in turquoise, white, orange, gold, pink, red, purple, and avocado green packaging- and so forth!! The list is endless. What is your favorite special packaging of all time? What is my favorite special packaging ever? Keep reading to find out!

The answer is...Heatherette!


This collection was the one that really got me serious into collecting MAC 3+ years ago and I've been addicted ever since! I just love pink, and the holographic details are just fun. Not to mention that what's inside the packaging is pure sex! :P

And just for giggles, allow me to revisit the products that made this collection:

The trios were the first of their kind, and just tons of fun! I originally just got Trio 1, but found Trio 2 at the CCO this year and just couldn't resist...

Trio 2

Trio 1

The lipsticks were all really fun and gorgeous. I fell in love with 'Fleshpot' with this collection, and 'Lollipop Lovin' is a classic- who can forget it? Sadly mine came melted :(

l to r: Fleshpot, Melrose Mood, Lollipop Lovin'

But my favorite I think is 'Melrose Mood', as it was my first foray into the world of pale pink- I just adore this color. Heck, I decided to take some pics to honor it!



Of course we can't forget the complementary lipglasses, which may not necessarily all be unique but they were the first kind of those colors in my collection, and I love them!!

t to b: Sock Hop, Starlet Kiss, Bonus Beat

Finally, the pigments, which are not in special packaging. But they are so pretty!
l to r: Pink Pearl, Jardin Aires

Jardin Aires is not super crazy, but it's pretty and went so well with this collection. Disco party! And Pink Pearl, I love anything duochrome.

l to r: Sock Hop, Starlet Kiss, Bonus Beat

l to r: Baby Petals, VIP, Cassette

l to r: Lollipop Lovin, Melrose Mood, Fleshpot

l to r: Hoppin', Moodring, Cloudburst

l to r: Pink Pearl, Jardin Aires

Ok, so now it's your turn: What is your favorite packaging, OR your favorite LE collection?


FabDiva20 said...

Hello Kitty is my favorite special packaging of all! I was Hello Kitty crazy last year if you remember that on Specktra lol

Fintia said...

Hello Kitty as well!! I spend a lot of $$ on that collection. HK has been an old time fave for me ;-)

l0verlada said...

Hmm, this is hard! I quite like the Hello Kitty too but I'm really loving the simple nautical style of the current To The Beach collection.

liloo said...

Love the packaging of the liberty of London :)
You're right this pale pink is really pretty :)

Shayla said...

I think my favorite would have to be Style Warriors. There's something about gold plastic, shiny designs and animal print that does it for me!

Marie. said...

Ah Pink Pearl is super pretty!!

Sugar Sweet was my favorite collection!