Tuesday, June 15, 2010

To Back-Up or not to Back-Up?- That is the Question!


When it comes to backing up makeup products, it seems most of us are either avid backer-uppers, or adamantly refuse to do so. Then, there are people like me, who will backup occasionally, and selectively.

So, what are my back-ups? Keep reading to find out!


So, I didn't think I had that many back-ups, but when I opened my "back-up drawer", I was surprised to see how many I actually had! FYI though, this drawer is not very big- it is maybe 8"x8" big. :)



I love lighter lipsticks, so of course they are all lighter shades. Viva Glam Gaga is the perfect pink lipstick, so I never want to run out of that (plus it's Lady Gaga, guys!). Equality (all ages, sexes, races collection) is one of the lightest nudes I've ever seen and it a nice warm hue- so glad I got this back up, because my current one is dwindling quickly! Fleshpot is hard to get a hold of because it's PRO, so when I was in NYC, I got a back up. But it also lasts a long time, so it will be a little bit til I crack this baby open. Finally, Bubbles, which originally debuted with Sugarsweet was just so fun and festive, I couldn't imagine running out of that!!


Naked Liner is a perfect lipliner, 'nuf said. Funtabulous dazzleglass looks gorgeous over a nude lipstick, hands down my favorite dazzleglass. Sadly I don't wear too many lip glosses lately, so I doubt if I'll get to this anytime soon!


Vanilla is one of my favorite brow bone colors, and this was at the CCO, so it made sense to get another one. Hey was in the Fafi quad, and was one of my favorites- so excited to see it in the Prep w/ Colour collection.


And, of course ^^Tea Time- absolutely the most amazing pigment/color ever created!!



I got my first Ripe Peach when the SCF collection was released- a few weeks later, I was at a counter in Alabama, and I casually asked if they'd gotten any in- the MA smiled and slyly pulled open a drawer with 3 that they had just gotten in! I am whipping through my first RP, and this one is more peachy than my first, so I am looking forward to using this soon. Fun'N'Games is a very flattering peach blush- and my current one is lasting forever! Hipness is a blush I just recently started to like, and the To the Beach packaging is so cute! Couldn't resist.

Backups on the way: Just ordered a 2nd Stowaway Quad (thanks to rockthecatwalk.com) and Instant Chic blush.

Backups wishlist: Lazy Day lipstick! I love this color, but it's sold out on all the sites :( Let's cross our fingers that it will hit the CCOs soon. Also I love Beach Bronze cream bronzer, but again that will be something to look out for at the CCO.


prettyaspeaches said...

Bah I wish I'd tried RP when it was out. I so had the chance to buy it!

FabDiva20 said...

On Specktra, I'm known to be the queen of backups LOL I wish I backed up Ripe Peach Blush Ombre when I had the chance but it was sold out by then so I don't use it more often. I almost wanted to backup some stuff from To The Beach collection but I told myself no this time since I'm on a MAC ban.

Vixxan said...

I almost never purchase backups. I have really love something to buy a backup. I prefer to spend the money a on a new item apposed to having two of the same item and that's why I have too much stuff.