Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Review: Flirt! 40-Piece Eyeshadow Set


I know this is sort of an irrelevant product right now, as Christmas is still a few months away, but reader l0verada requested a review of this, and it just so happens that I conveniently had photos of this, so why not! Plus it will get us excited for the holidays! Keep reading to see more :)


In my recent Flirt! cosmetics review, I mentioned the holiday 40-piece eyeshadow set that Kohl's sells for about $30. A steal if you ask me- that's less than $1 each!

As you can see, the shadows are the same size/shape as MAC, and there's a great variety of colors. The payoff is pretty impressive. Some of them, I felt were better payoff than MAC, whereas others were of lesser quality.

There are clear dupes of Prussian, Amber Lights, Henna and Talent Pool in this collection, along with plenty of others.

Also, oddly enough, I found some colors that are very similar to a couple recent MAC quads:

Photorealism Quad vs. Flirt

Notoriety Quad vs. Flirt

Not exact, but kind of the same color scheme.

Swatches of random colors:

Anyways, cross your fingers that we see this again this year (it has been released the past 2 years)!


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I bought this a few years ago and so far they've had it every single year. MAC and Flirt are owned by the same company so it wouldn't be surprising to find dupes! I just wish the palette had names!