Monday, June 21, 2010

A Surprise in the Mail!

I kinda had a fun surprise show up in the mail today. Definitely not expected :) While I do shop online a bit, I have never purchased anything from, so imagine my surprise when I got a small little box addressed to me, from Walgreen's.

I opened it up, only to find this Revlon 'Porcelain Pink' lipstick inside:


No note, no information about where it came from, just a lipstick (and a coupon for Chapstick). 

It is a fun, pearly pink- this color is right down my aisle!


What do you think of my surprise?

Speaking of free lipsticks, I recently got a call from a friend who found a MAC lipstick on the ground and was wondering if I wanted it. I asked what color it was, and he said Pink Plaid- which amazingly I didn't have, but I am so excited because I've wanted to try it out for a while! It is almost brand new. I haven't figured out how to sanitize it yet, but I figure a little rubbing alcohol should do the trick. 



Cydonian said...

I like it!
I would have totally said out loud, ohai free lipstick.


l0verlada said...

I would wipe the tip a little and then dip it in rubbing alcohol (maybe twice lol) and that should do the trick. If you really wanted to you could slice a little bit off at the tip.

JC said...

when I worked in cosmetics, we would scrape/cut off the top and then dip in rubbing alcohol. you can also try running it back and forth over papertowels (that's how counters get the very chiseled looking testers)