Monday, June 21, 2010

Review: Victoria's Secret Soothing Lip Balm


I truly did not expect to ever find a beauty product from Victoria's Secret that I would swear by- sure, I love their bras, but I guess I don't usually consider VS to be the leaders in lip care. But, when nothing else seemed to tame my chapped lips, I came across VS' Soothing Lip Balm. Keep reading to see why I love them so much!

I actually got my first one of these in a holiday kit. I had purchased the kit on sale this winter, and it honestly sat around for a good 3 or 4 months before I even cracked it open. For some reason, my lips all of a sudden just were super chapped, not responding to any lip balm that I normally used. I admit that Lip Smackers may not be the best for you, but they had been working throughout the winter no problem.

Anyways, on an odd chance, I decided to try this out of the holiday set. It has a sort of minty smell, soothing feel. The consistency is thick, not sticky per se, but definitely has a slight adhesive quality. I mean if I were to rub my lips together, they wouldn't "glide", but at the same time I'm not getting hair stuck in my lips or anything (like lipglass haha). And guess what, my lips aren't chapped anymore! I was worried that eventually my lips would get used to this formula and get even more chapped (as has indeed occurred in the past). However, I've been using this for 2 months now, and it's been just as great as ever. My lips don't come anywhere near chapped.

An added bonus, is that when I use this under lipstick, my lips do not get chapped or flaky, and frosts actually look good over it! Is that even possible? :) Well apparently it is! And it acts as a primer for the lipstick to adhere to, so my lipstick tends to last longer.

Onto the colors/pics!

The one that came in the kit is called 'Petal Soft' and it is a mid-tone pink.
Petal Soft

Recently, I bought a couple more from They retail for $7, but they do have a 5 for $20 deal, making them $4 each. Not that you'll ever need 5 at once, because they last a decent while, check out their size:

Compared to MAC eyeshadow

Like I mentioned, I've been using Petal Soft for 2 months and it's about 1/4 full still.

But I did pickup a couple extra. I got 'Pretty Buff' which is a nude with slight shimmer.
Pretty Buff

And, I got 'Pink Sugar' which is a bright pink.

Pink Sugar

Online, the swatch appears to be a light white pink, but obviously in real life it is a bit more intense! Still, it's sheer enough that I think it will actually look like the swatch when applied. :)

l to r: Petal Soft, Pretty Buff, Pink Sugar

Anyways I love this product and am so excited that I found a product to work w/ my crazy lips!

What do you think? What are your lip products that you swear by?

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