Sunday, May 30, 2010


I was organizing my makeup earlier today and came across my very first MAC product I ever bought! Wanna know what it was? Keep reading to find out!


My very first MAC product was Tanarama lipstick!

I got it in 2003, during my first semester of college. I was familiar with MAC before, and my older sister had used it,  but I had never bought anything until then. The reason I actually got it was because I had seen it in a spread in YM magazine (remember that mag?!), and had to have it! I wore it everyday for like 6 months, but when I dyed my hair from blond to brown, it didn't really suit me anymore.

What about you, what was YOUR very first MAC product?


FabDiva20 said...

My very first MAC products were Shadowy Lady e/s, Era e/s, Antiqued e/s and a lipglass (I think Desire) and I was in middle school back then.

Shayla said...

Lol, wow, what a question. I honestly can't remember...although I'm pretty sure Steamy and Honeylust e/s were included in there...I think I bought 8 total.