Saturday, May 29, 2010

Review: MUFE HD Blush


There's been a bit of hype about MUFE's new HD blushes, and since I have generally been impressed with MUFE's products in the past, I decided to pick up a couple during Sephora's recent f&f sale. The two shades that looked the most flattering for me were #7 (One too Many) and #14 (Star Struck). What did I think? Find out after the cut!

Let's start off with the packaging. What's different about these cream blushes from most, is that they are in a pump bottle. I like this idea, because my brushes always shed in the blush, and those hairs are almost impossible to remove without messing up the blush or wasting product. The one thing that's weird about the pump though is that it is kind of hard to control how much comes out. I mean, you can get a smaller amount, but it does take a bit effort and care when pumping.

One full pump of #14...plenty of product!

These are also smaller than you might imagine. But, for comparison's sake, here is one of the blushes compared to MUFE's HD foundation:

Basically, plenty of blush in here, obviously I wouldn't expect it to be the size of the foundation :)

The formula of these is a bit thicker than say, foundation, but is creamy and blendable. They do dry down quickly, so you'll need to blend immediately.

For me, while I love the colors I got, I don't like the finish of these. I have tried a few different brushes, including the 187, and my fingers, and they kind of blend in with foundation and cause it to look kind of scaley over my foundation. For the record, I am currently using Revlon Colorstay (love!) with Maybelline Dream Matte Powder (double love!). I never really noticed this scaley appearance with other cream blushes, but at the time I was using Bare Minerals, so I wonder if these apply better over mineral foundation? Thoughts?

Ok on to the colors!



^^#7, One too Many, is a peachy beige. This is a pretty accurate description. It is definitely beigey, a little bit rose colored. Very beautiful.


^^#14, Star Struck, is a pale peach. This is lighter, great color for a soft glow or touch of color.

Overall, these are kinda useless to me because of the finish on the skin; but they are beautiful colors! I am going to play around and see if I can figure out a better application, because well, I wanna be able to wear these! :)

What about you, what do you think of these blushes?


liloo said...

I heard a lot of good things concerning them, and I just wanna try them ;)

Cydonian said...

I tried these out at Sephora recently, and I love 2 of the colors but cream blush freaks me out. I keep reaching for Joie de Vivre from Mac but then I inch away because it's a cream.
When trying this out in the store, I remember a little scream coming out as I dispensed it because it let out SO MUCH product.
Maybe in the future I'll get up the courage :3

Zerin said...

I'm glad you finally got these babies! I love #5 and #6! =D

Anonymous said...

要保持更新呦,加油!!!期待你的新文章!!! ........................................