Saturday, May 15, 2010

Review: Stila Loves Barbie Smudge Pots


Here's a bargain for you! is selling these Barbie smudge pots at a bargain basement price of $20 for all 3, with free shipping. Since they usually retail for $20 EACH, it is a deal that I couldn't pass up. Read on for swatches and thoughts. :D

Smudge Pots, in case you don't know, are like MAC's paint pots. These are very versatile, and can be used as a base, as shadow, or as liner. The intensity of these colors really excited me. I think there are so many looks that can be done with these.

The packaging is really fun. The box is detailed, even in the inside:

And the lids are holographic, each one has the color eyeshadow on Barbie's lid, so you know what color you're picking up. Smart!

Cobalt Clutch is a vibrant royal blue.


The site says it has "intense shimmer", though I didn't see any shimmer on mine. It is more a flat, creamy blue. But maybe I need to take a bit more layer off the top? I don't know of anything similar from another line, it's a cool color!

Purple Pumps is purple with pink shimmer.


On the surface, this also looks like just a flat purple, but after removing the top layer, it's clear that there is some good shimmer in this. It is another unique color that I haven't seen from anything similar from any one else.

Little Black Dress is black with pink shimmer.


I love this color! Think Young Punk. In a mad stupor I sold my Young Punk, so I can't compare them side-by-side but it is the same idea. I think this is a really fun color, very chic and in style!


Overall, these are really fun smudge pots. If nothing else, they will make great liners. At $20 I couldn't resist!

Have you tried Stila's smudge pots? What do you think?

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..R May A.. said...

That really is a super good deal!
I like the look of the purple and blue ones!
I'll have to have a look into getting some :)
great post!