Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Skincare: My Routine

A lot of times, we tend to think of makeup as a safety net that will cover basically any flaws in our skin- have you ever thought, "eh I'll just cover it with makeup?" I know I have. This mindset can be risky though, because the truth is, beauty starts under the skin and works its way out. The better your skin looks, the better your makeup will look, and that's why skin care is so important to me. Here, I will share my skin care routine.

Before I start, please keep in mind that this is just a suggestion and what works for me. It will NOT be a solution for everyone, and this also doesn't mean I have perfect skin, but it so far these products been pretty good for me.

1) Olay Cleansing Wipes
One of the myths of skin care is the more products you use, the better your skin will look. Sometimes we tend to over work our skin with all sorts of cleansers, and they only make the problem worse- such as drying and sensitivity. That's why I only wash my face with a cleanser once a day at the most (sometimes only once every other day!). Instead, I use these Olay cleansing wipes to remove makeup and dirt. They are gentle on the skin, but effective at the same time.

2) Neutrogena Pore Refining Toner
Sometimes cleansing wipes don't get everything off, so I take a cotton swab and go over my face with this pore refining toner. Not sure if it really refines my pores, but I have been pretty satisfied nonetheless. I love the clean feeling that I get with this toner, and it's amazing how much makeup and grime is left even after the cleansing wipe, so it's good to really get clean from this.

3) Dermalogica Skin Smoothing Cream
Ok this is actually a pic of Active Moist, and, as they're both moisturizers I love (the smoothing cream is a bit heavier and comprehensive, the active moist is lighter and airier), it's ok. But a moisturizer, no matter what skin type you have, is absolutely crucial! This prevents premature aging to the skin. You may have to experiment to find the moisturizer that works for you, so keep an open mind- you may find one at the drugstore that works great, or maybe you're willing to splurge- I had really dry skin during high school and much of college. Today, my skin is a bit more combination, but over the years I tried TONS of moisturizers and finally found the one I liked the most which is the Dermalogica ones. Also, moisturizers with Mineral Oil tend to be the most universally effective- meaning they work on most skin types. Some people will tell you mineral oil is bad for your skin, but do your own research on the subject before shrugging them off completely.

4) Neutrogena Oil-Free Acne Wash, Redness Solutions
Neutrogena has a whole line of oil-free acne washes, from their regular orange formula, to pink grapefruit, and now they have a calming one that apparently tones down redness. I like it because it's good for sensitive skin like mine. This is what I use when I wash my face, either once a day or once every other day. It's very effective and I feel like even though I don't have a lot of acne, it's a very thorough cleanser.

5) MAC Volcanic Ash Exfoliator
An exfoliator is essential for any skin care routine. The trick is not to use it all the time, and when you do use it, to apply it gently, as being gentle is more effective anyways (and prevents microtears in the skin's surface which just get inflamed or infected). I like MAC's VAE, though unfortunately it is LE. Another great one is Neutrogena's Blackhead Eliminating exfoliator. As for how often you should use it, I would recommend it on an "as needed" basis, or 2 times a week. As I have slowed down on using exfoliators, I've noticed my skin is not as red as it used to be.

6) Clearasil Overnight Serum
In the event that I do have some acne popping up, I like this overnight serum which is pretty light and delicate, but effective as well. However, I usually get the under-the-skin, cystic type zits, so for those I actually read recently that you should apply a hot compress, then put a cooling acne cream on it.

7) Philosophy Hope in a Tube eye cream
Did you know, that the skin under your eyes does not have any oil glands? While this is the reason we don't get zits under our eyes, it also means that this area tends to age faster because there are no oils to moisturize and protect the skin. So, that's why an eyecream or SOME sort of moisturizer is very important, because it offers the moisture your skin cannot naturally produce. I like Philosophy's, but there are plenty of awesome and affordable eye creams.

So, there's my skin care routine. Pretty simple, but overall effective. What about you, what are your favorite products?

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