Sunday, May 9, 2010

Review: Sugarpill!


Yes, this is a very belated review. I am sure by now most people have already gotten their Sugarpill fix, and are enjoying the products for themselves. But I still wanted to add my 2 cents to the blogosphere on these much-discussed products!

It was so hard to decide what to get because everything from Sugarpill looks absolutely gorgeous! I wanted to buy everything, but I figured one order is good for now, and I can have something to look forward to later, right?

I picked up Goldilux and Lumi loose eyeshadows, and two quads, the Burning Heart palette and the Sweetheart palette. I was surprised how quickly they were shipped and delivered. I threw the box away because I moved, but if you look at any other review, it is the same great, fun packaging.

Now, onto the products! Let's start with the loose eyeshadows.

l to r: goldilux, lumi

Well, depending on the shade you get determines how much product will be in the jars. This is because the shadows are packed by weight, not volume, so by the time it arrives to you, it could very easily have settled and appears to be less. This was the case with Lumi loose eyeshadow. As you can see it is considerably less than Goldilux:

But this is okay with me because I will unlikely ever use up an entire jar of anything! And I had read the note on the site, so I was aware of this possibility.

Lumi is snow white with a turquoise sheen.

On Temptalia, she likened it to Reflects Teal glitter by MAC. Frankly that's what sold me on this color, because I have always thought Reflects Teal glitter looked so pretty, but I don't use glitters so I'm glad to find this in shadow form! In the photos, a lot of the teal sheen is not visible, and to be honest, in real life the sheen is also very faint. But it is still a pretty color with lots of possibility. I want to try it over a black base and see what happens!

Goldilux is a highly reflective metallic gold.
It is a true gold, very vibrant and yes, very metallic as the description claims. I got this because everyone, including Amy, the owner, was raving about how amazing this color was. I didn't think I needed another gold color because I have golds coming out of my ears. But this certainly doesn't disappoint. It is so sparkly, almost like glitter. I used it wet which made it shine even more. It is so beautiful, but remember it is sparkly!


l: Goldilux r: Lumi

Next, the palettes!

I love these bright colors, the remind me so much of being young, willing and wanting to wear any bright colored eyeshadow. I was a little worried because I am getting older (ok only 25) and don't want to look too high schoolish. But this entire makeup line has really inspired me to make a statement with my makeup. If Amy can pull off all these amazing colors (which she can!), then I can too, right? So I am really grateful for her inspiration!


Anyways enough blabbing! The Burning Hearts palette is named appropriately. All the colors are warm shades, very fiery and intense. They swatch like a dream too. The red swatches incredibly easily; the other colors take a very slight bit more to swatch but that really means nothing when you're talking about Sugarpill, because they all still swatch 10x better than any other eyeshadows I have ever worked with!

Burning Hearts Quad

You may be wondering how these compare with other similar shades. Well, here is a swatch of Mufe 92 vs. Sugarpill's purple:
l: MUFE 92; r: Sugarpill Poison Plum

Also, when it comes to reds, it can be a struggle to find a TRUE red. So, here is a swatch of MAC's Basic Red pigment vs. Sugarpill's Love+. I am not confident if MAC's Basic Red is eye safe, so even though it appears to be slightly more of a true red, Love+ is eye safe.

l: MAC Basic Red; r: Sugarpill Love+

Next, the Sweetheart quad!


 I love the swatching power of all of these. The pink, Dollipop, and the blue, Afterparty, win the award for the best swatchers, though Midori and Tako are not far behind. I have probably used Tako the most so far, it's a great highlight color if you don't want to look gawdy, but want a little edge to your look.

So now that I own these two quads, the only eyeshadow I am missing is Bulletproof, a matte black. But I figured I have plenty of black eyeshadows, so I won't be rushing to get this shade anytime soon. But if you don't have a matte black, you might be interested in grabbing Bulletproof.

Overall, I absolutely adore this line! The prices are very reasonable ($12 per eyeshadow, pressed or loose, $34 per quad), and the amount of product you get is even better! These are the size of MUFE, so much bigger than MAC, but at a fraction of the MUFE price. And, if you spend over $75, you will receive free shipping. Plus, the products are long-lasting, and versatile. You can create any look with these simple colors, by mixing or blending them.

What do you think of Sugarpill?


Fintia said...

you have to do a FOTD soon!!!!!!!!!!!! these colors are insane!!!!

Abby Q. said...

I will, for sure! :)