Monday, May 10, 2010

Review: Lime Crime Candyfuture Lipstick


I learned about Lime Crime lipsticks from Temptalia, who did a review a couple months ago. Although her review was not exactly favorable, a couple of colors really stood out to me, and so I decided to place an order anyways for Cosmopop and D'Lilac.

These run at $16 a pop, which is a bit high for my tastes, but because I felt they were unique colors, the price was okay. And they do seem to be selling well; I had to wait for a bit for them to be re-stocked. Shipping is about $5, or free int'l shipping over $100. I managed to find a promo code for like 10 or 15% off, which brought my total to $33.80 for two lipsticks, so in my mind I only paid $1.80 for shipping. Very reasonable.

The products arrived in a very timely manner, and unlike some reviewers, mine came in a cute turquoise and white polka-dot box, with the contents securely wrapped in hot pink tissue paper. It was an impressive packaging job, really fun to see a decorative box like that in the mail. 

The packaging of the product itself is pink with a holographic unicorn.
I haven't decided if they are cute or gawdy, but I will say they are fun to find in a sea of black MAC tubes. I had heard criticism of the "cheap" tube packaging, but I can't find anything too cheap about it. It is maybe a bit less sturdy than MAC, but I don't expect a steel tube anyways! They seem fine for a lipstick tube. 

Ok, onto the colors!

D'Lilac is a light lavender.


It is like say, Fashion Mews, in cream form. This color applies very smoothly and evenly, no streaks or patchiness (which is another criticism I've read, and I don't see how, because it applies perfectly in one and a half coats for me). I was hoping to wear these a bit sheered out, but I find that the color payoff is so intense on these, that it's really hard to just lightly dab this lipstick on.

What do you think of D'Lilac?


Too much?

Cosmopop is creamsicle orange.
I was really excited for this one because I have been looking for a creamsicle orange color. Unfortunately, this is a bit orangey for my skin tone, as I am fairly cool-toned. It looks kinda funny like I'm the Joker or that I've got spaghetti sauce all over my face! Doesn't help that I actually did get it on my face, haha. Applies very well though, no streaks with this at all.

Too Orange?

What do you think of Cosmopop?

Overall, I was satisfied with my order. I probably would not buy again because these colors are, realistically hard to wear on a day-to-day basis, and the price is a bit steep for my tastes. But the quality is definitely up to par, and due to some of the negative reviews out there, I wholly expected these to be crap, but was pleasantly surprised at their quality. I am not sure why they were so negatively reviewed, but I guess I have to chalk it up to it all being an individual experience with these lipsticks, because I know everyone has their preferences to textures, finishes, etc. So these may not be for everybody, but I think they're kinda fun! 


Fintia said...

I think both colors look great on you! but if you not feel comfortable you can always mix these Lime crime lippies with other lipsticks and make them more wearable!

That's what I do with Fashion Mews for instance. On it's own I do not like how it looks on myself, but mixing it with a little bit of Mac's Up the amp, I can get a gorgeous shade. Play around!

l0verlada said...

This sounds like my review on these (and I remember you commented) and it is nice to see someone else who didn't hate them right off the bat! I still can't believe all the hate, I was expecting these to be crap. I wish she would release some more colors because I would be interested if she did.

Anonymous said...

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